New Hydration Experiment

Drinking 1 to 2 litres of water first thing in the morning has been talked about for a long time. So I thought of giving that a try about 15 days back.

Now for the last 3 days I have running nose, cough and nasal congestion.

Since last 2 days I have changed my hydration to 100 ml water every 45-60 minutes instead of complete dehydration. Though I did not get much relief, I am inclined to try it for some 10-15 cycles.

My first feeling is that it will lower my weight and cholesterol levels significantly.

When one drinks water in large quantities the water spreads through out the body and starts accumulating (if the far places of the body were highly dehydrated). The increase in urine output would not be as much as the increase in water intake.

When one drinks water in small quantities but more often keeping the total quantity of water intake constant, one dehydrates the far off parts of the body resulting into many health benefits.

Check it yourself as share your experiences.


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