Itching Article at webmd

Itching Article at webmd

The most reputed web site offers the following advise.

  • Use moisturizer to help heal the dry skin. – The web site does not warn people about the use of soaps, shampoos and deodorants on the skin. Why?
  • Use 1% hydrocortisone cream (steroid based) – The web site also reports the side effects – It mentions – Itching, dry skin as the side effects. Why the dry skin is medically treated by creating the same symptoms that are the target of the treatment. Steroids dry down the blood in the area on which cream is applied. Due to lack of blood the distress signals are not transmitted to the brain, causing the cessation of the scratching urge. As soon as the blood supply is restored to the effected area by body’s natural defence system, Itching starts all over again. What really stopped webmd to give the correct and true picture? Why webmd cannot help people get rid of Itching permanently? That will cause the death of Shampoos, soaps, deodorants and pharma industry along with doctors.
  • Cut your nails so that you can avoid scratching. That is the only thing that is supposed to help. But due to lack of proper perspective, people will not try this.
  • Use of Anti-Histamines. Histamine is a hormone that controls fluid build up in the body in the effected areas. – For best option to manage the fluid in the body refer to the suggestions on the Home page of my web site.

Now let us look at what is the real solution –

  • Do not dry your skin with use of soaps
  • Do not scrub your skin with Towels.
  • Do not wear V Shape under wears that has scrubbing effect all day causing build up of the fluid in the area where is scrubs causing spreading of bacteria. Moisturizer creams come with lubricant oils. These oils will reduce the effect of ongoing scrubbing to some extent. Wear boxers is a better solution.
  • Wear Boxers while going to bed. That will give substantial relief.

Is there any web site that people can trust? Please do mention in the comments.

I personally find to be relatively honest web site.

This web site says that out of the 3 types of anti-itch cream – hydrocortisone cream  is a better option. However it falls short of full explanation and concludes that this should be taken under the advise of a physician. I think I did a better job by giving the pathology of the working of the hydrocortisone cream. It should be used only when the Itching has spead and is not coming under control. There after rest of the measures will help to get rid of itching for life.

What else could Help in Fast relief from Chronic Itching

It is fluid which rushes to the outer layers of the skin to get out of the skin. So there are imbalances in the body. To my mind these imbalances are caused due to lack of Blood glucose during sleep and inefficient working of the vital organs. Lack of sugar during sleep and inefficient working of the vital organs during sleep causes build up of the toxins in the body. These toxins have to move out of the body. Scratching is natural impulse to draw the fluid out of the skin.

A person who is regular consumer of vitamin C products suffers from acute Itching. He has otherwise very healthy lifestyle. Vitamin C causes excessive build up of the toxins in muscles and in outer layers of the skin. In nut shell the following things may help.

  • Eating good amount of sugar just before going to bed is good to get relief from itching. That ensure better excretion from the body in most convenient way.
  • Drinking water on alternate days.
    • Day 1 – 200 ml of water in 12 equal doses equally spread thru out the day say every one hour.
    • Day 2 – No water for the entire day.
  • For explanation on why the above water routine will help in getting rid of Itching refer to the home page.

Itching Causes

Itching Causes

Itching is cause due to the following causes –

  • Use of soaps on the skin and head.
  • Bruising on the skin due to cotton towels
  • Other chemicals like use of dettol etc in bathing water
  • Wearing V Shape under weara. That has the effect of bruising on the skin. At least wear boxers on weakend days while at home or while in bed. That should provide enough of relief from itching on sustained basis.

Bruising causes accumulation of fluids under the skin. That becomes the breeding ground for bacteria and infections.

In case of Itching in any part of the body –

Use prescription medicines to get complete relief.

For permanent relief stop using soaps and other chemicals. Do rub the effected area with force. be gentle.

Remember that the prescription medicines contain steroids and cause impotency if used for long periods of time.

For mild itching use boxers for few days. Wash the effected portion 2 times. Morning and Evening. Avoid prescription ointments.

Soaps Shampoos and skin diseases

Soaps Shampoos and skin diseases

Who would believe that soaps and shampoos could be extremely harmful for the skin?

Yes believe it or not they are the only cause of –

  • Sun Tanning
  • Pimples, Acne
  • Skin Itching
  • Skin blisters

The other aggravating cause  is hard rubbing by towels after bath.

The use of soaps increase during the age group 12 to 18 and so these problems start in that age group.

These problems are more prominent during summers because teens spend more time in bathroom – bathing during summers. Due to excessive sweating the children bath more often (2-3 times) during summers is another reason for these conditions of pimples, itching, tanning and blisters to happen in summers.



Itching is due to loss of natural skin oil. Itching lotions contain steroids. Steroids reduce fluids in skin and hence are harmful and cause impotency among people.

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Got serious itching after using these steroids..

do steroids cause itching’?

Topical steroids can reduce itching, but they reduce blood flow to the skin, resulting in thinning of the skin and increased susceptibility to injury.

Itch Lotions Are Topical Steroid-Free Treatments


Itching Ointments Promote Impotency

Itching Ointments Promote Impotency

We all use Itching Ointments without reading the inserts.

Do you know that Itching ointments contain steroids. That the long period use of Itching Ointments cause impotency?

Yes the ointments cause impotency. So that can not be the real cure. These ointments are not the real solutions. The body heals up against use of these ointments in most people and hence regular use is needed.


Itching Treatment Natural

Itching Treatment Natural

Itching is caused due to excess of fluids in the area of itching. So the medicine treatments focus on reducing the fluids from the effected area. This is done by Antihistamine and steroids. Excess of fluids is caused due to some external impact (accident), scrubbing, bruising. Application of acidic soap and use of detergents also cause excess of fluid in that area.

But the best form of reduction of fluids is to restrict the fluid intake (restricting the fluid intake).

  • Itching treatment consists of Antihistamin or Steroids medicines.
  • Wikipedia Link  is  -
  • A variety of over-the-counter and prescription anti-itch drugs are available.
  • Some plant products have been found to be effective anti-pruritics, others not.

Non-chemical remedies include cooling, warming, soft stimulation. Cooling also reduces the fluid build up in the area. warming or heating works by killing bacteria. Heat impacts the bacteria growth and is similar to antibiotics.

Topical antipruritics in the form of creams and sprays are often available over-the-counter. Oral anti-itch drugs also exist and are usually prescription drugs. The active ingredients usually belong to the following classes:

  • Antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
  • Corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone topical cream, see topical steroid
  • Counterirritants, such as mint oil, menthol, or camphor[18]
  • Crotamiton (trade name Eurax) is an antipruritic agent available as a cream or lotion often used to treat scabies. Its mechanism of action remains unknown.
  • Local anesthetics such as benzocaine topical cream (Lanacane)



Treatment of Itching is ( –

  • Steroids (destroys the cells) and
  • Antihistamine (reduces the fluid build up)

Histamine works by setting of a chain reaction which includes increase in blood supply to the area.

Antihistamines work by reducing the bluid up of fluid (blood) or by sedating.

Excessive fluid build is the main reason for Itching.

Build up of fluids in the layers of the skin will be caused due to use of moisturisers and soaps together.

Acids wash away the natural skin oils. That causes excessive supply of fluids to the soap washed skin.

Moisturisers are muscle relaxant. When applied externally, the moisturisers do not all the oils present in the skin to reach to surface due to passive nature of muscle relaxants.



Itching Causes

  • Itching is caused due to lack of skin oil. Natural Skin Oils washed away due to use of Soaps and Body Wash.
  • Itching is caused due to abrasion of the skin fold. e.g. Inner thighs
  • Build up of Fluids in the area of Itching.
  • 95% and more Itching is caused in and around sexual organs due to heightened concerns of hygiene and excessive use of Soaps.

How the Ointments available Work

  • The ointments contain steroids.
  •  These steroids eat away into the cells. This is destructive process.
  • Destruction of cells in the top layers of the skin causes disappearance of the fluids from the area.
  • The very small veins in the area are damaged. That stops the excessive fluid leakage in the area from the effected area.
  • This destructive process makes that area lesser sensitive and hence reduces the Natural Itching response of scrubbing.
  • Due to reduced scrubbing lesser fluids leak from the veins.
  • Reduced sensitivity of the muscles in sexual organs cause impotency. There is usually a warning on the ointment inserts that these should not be used for long duration.
  • The cells which are destroyed by the steroids come back after some time by natural process of healing.
  • That is enough indication that the ointments do not support the natural process of healing.

Itching Cure

  • Stop using Soaps – That help maintain adequate natural oils in skin folds. So there will be no abrasion and bruising in the area.
  • Sex organs are not dirty. There is no reason to hate them.
  • Excretions are not cause of infections. So no reason to be extra conscious for hygiene.
  • Bath at least once per day with plain cold water. At about 40% temperature.
  • In case of discomfort wash at least two times during the day.

Itching and Soaps

Itching and Soaps

  • Itching is caused due to dryness of the skin – Soaps also cause dryness of the skin.
  • Itching is also caused due to moisture in parts of the body (skin folds). Soaps contain moisturizers as well.
  • Sunburn also leads to Itching – Long period of heatng makes the oils rancid.
  • liver disease also causes Itching – Liver is responsible for metabolism of oils.
  • Metabolic disorders also cause itching – oil metabolism suffers which effect the skin oils.
  • Hyperthyroidism also causes increased itching – Thyroid is responsible for controlling the way the energy is used in the body. Thyroid hormone directly effects the metabolism of the body and hence oils.
  • Ingestion of tea also effects the oil metabolism. Tea consumption causes dryness of the skin. Tea consumption also leads to excessive Itching.
  • Dandruff is also associated with dryness of the scalp. Dandruff is caused due to use of Shampoos. Shampoos contain detergents and other chemicals which remove oils from the scalp. Dandruff also causes Itching of the skin of scalp.
  • Scrubbing hard after a bath also causes the skin to have bruising and loss of oils from the skin.
  • Do not hard dry your skin after bath. Let the water remove some of the acids excreted from the skin.
  • Washing more often with plain water is best done with plain water. Plain water does not remove the necessary oils from the skin. But does remove rest of the allergens, dirt, acids and other excretions of the skin.
  • Itching is also caused due to use of synthetic fabrics. These fabrics do not absorb the acids in the sweat of the skin. The pH level of the skin increases due to use of soaps. Cotton absorbs the acids and hence gives a soothing feeling in case of itching.
  • Use of Antibiotics also increase the itching. Antibiotics also cause dryness of the skin.
  • Genital Itching is more prevalent among teens and young people. The cause is excessive use of soaps by teens.