Itching Causes

Itching Causes

Itching is cause due to the following causes –

  • Use of soaps on the skin and head.
  • Bruising on the skin due to cotton towels
  • Other chemicals like use of dettol etc in bathing water
  • Wearing V Shape under weara. That has the effect of bruising on the skin. At least wear boxers on weakend days while at home or while in bed. That should provide enough of relief from itching on sustained basis.

Bruising causes accumulation of fluids under the skin. That becomes the breeding ground for bacteria and infections.

In case of Itching in any part of the body –

Use prescription medicines to get complete relief.

For permanent relief stop using soaps and other chemicals. Do rub the effected area with force. be gentle.

Remember that the prescription medicines contain steroids and cause impotency if used for long periods of time.

For mild itching use boxers for few days. Wash the effected portion 2 times. Morning and Evening. Avoid prescription ointments.

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