Dehydration and Kidneys

Dehydration and Kidneys

Dehydration and Kidneys

I have been dehydrating for last 10 years or so. Before that I had kidney stones 3 times in 4 years. These stones came out in urine without any operation. During this period my serum creatinine was 1.0 or higher.

I usually dehydrate once in 10-15 days. Dehydration lasts 24 to 36 hours at a time. During this period I usually do not drink any water or other fluids. No fruits or salad. I have been doing this even during summer when the temperature is 45 degree C. There have been times when a period of dehydration for 48 hours is followed with playing badminton for 2 hours without a drop of water in temperature as high as 45 degrees.

I have lots of experiences during my dehydration. During these years I did not get any blood tests done.

Some of the experiences that I had was – high pulse rate upto 125 per minute. High blood pressure upto 140/ 80, heaviness in heart and brain. But I never took any medicines at any time for these ever.

These days my blood pressure is 110/70 and my pulse rate is 70 to 90.

Recently in May 2017 I got my serum creatinine checked. The test reports are given below. These test report show my serum creatinine at 0.78 and 0.65 which is very good overall.

Dehydration and Kidneys
Creatinine on 13.3.2017
Dehydration and Kidneys












There are all kinds of information available on internet that dehydration is bad for health.


However I would like to add that excessive dehydration can cause death as well. There are some standards that should be laid down for people to follow. Hydration / Dehydration cycles is the only possible cure for every disease including cancer and AIDS.

Hope we can use hydration / dehydration to improve our health.

Kidney failure high creatinine swelling and high blood pressure

Kidney failure high creatinine swelling and high blood pressure

Kidney failure – high creatinine swelling and high blood pressure

Case 1

Patient Details – Age 30 years. Suffered from very high BP for last 2 years. Was on BP medicines. Started dialysis on 2.3.2017. The weight before dialysis used to be 74 kg and after dialysis 70 kg. His creatinine was 14.

Contacted on 24.2.2017 at 2 pm. Suggested him to take ½ small spoon of sugar every hour since his sugar intake had been very low since childhood. That was done to check the inflammation with direction to stop sugar intake for 1 day after every 2 days.

He was suggested to walk for 5 minutes followed by bed rest for 30 to 60 minutes and to keep repeating it the whole day. Minimum repetitions suggested to him were 10 to 15.

After 36 hours urine output increased. The burning sensation while urinating disappeared completely.

After 10 days his weight was 69 kg before dialysis and after dialysis 68 kg. His creatinine was 5.6 and he had no symptoms of kidney failure. His BP also fell below 100/60 on two occasions shortly after taking BP medication.

He did hydration / dehydration cycles twice after this. After hydration / dehydration cycles his got cough and fever and started sweating very heavily. These are all indications of the body releasing excess water stored in. He even got some blood in cough for 2 days. With medicines he got immediate relief.

Now there is no weight gain even after 5 days after dialysis and inspite of drinking 2 litres of water every day.

Case 2

Age 80 year. June 2014 India. Summers.

Multiple organ failure started from lung failure induced sepsis. Stayed in ICU for more than 20 days. During this period his urine output decreased to 0 in 24 hours and he was put on CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) for 24 to 30 hours.

Doctors rule out recovery. I asked the doctors in writing to stop medicines or reverse the medicines. In 48 hours he was back to his recovery. After he was shifted out of the ICU room I repeated the hydration / dehydration cycle very strictly. During this period of 48 hours of hydration / dehydration cycle he lost 10 litres of fluid through urine.

And his lungs started recovering. It took a total of 2 to 3 months to completely recover and be independent of all support for his daily life.

Case 3

Age 82 years. Nov / Dec 2016.

Seizure/ epilepsy. The patient did not recover from seizure for more than 5 hours and was shifted to hospital. He was put on anti seizure medicines. And in next 3 days he shifted into semi conscious state where he stopped responding to any stimulus.

Again the doctors ruled out recovery. Again I asked them to withdraw IV fluids. After about 24 hours he regained his consciousness fully. But could not move his limbs.

After withdrawing IV fluids asked them to start water intake. I had to struggle a lot to make the doctors agree for water intake since sodium was already on lower side border.

After 48 hours of hydration / dehydration cycle he was shifted to chair.

But his recovery was slow or negligible.

After 10 days I stopped epilepsy medicines and other medicines completely.

After withdrawing the medicines I did one more cycles of hydration / dehydration. After the dehydration cycles he was sweating very heavily for next 48 hours. All his swelling due to IV fluids etc disappeared completely. It was shocking because during Dec / Jan the temperature in Delhi is less than 4 degree C.

There is striking similarity in case 1 and case 3. In both the cases it was winter. Though there was huge difference in temperature at 4 degree and 20 degree. But in both the cases the excess water was lost by heavy sweating. In both the cases the weather temperature was less then body temperature.

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Kidney Failure Cure

Kidney Failure Cure

Kidney Failure Cure

Case Study

Patient – On 03 Feb 2017 – 30 years, creatinine 14, very high blood pressure (200/120), Hb 5.5. weight before dialysis 74, weight after dialysis 70 kg.

On 24 Feb 2017 started taking 1/2 small spoon of sugar every hour.

On 25.2.2017 no burning sensation while urinating.

25.02.2017 started walking for 5 minutes every hour followed with bed rest of 10 minutes.

On 26.02.2017 urinated 3 times instead of 2 times. Urinate output increased to 700 ml per day. No data of previous urine output.

On 27.02.2017 – felt slight burning sensation and hence stopped sugar intake. Was told on 25.02.2017 that burning sensation will come back. That is an indication of sugar not getting tolerated well in the body.

On 28.02.2017 the weight before dialysis 72 and after dialysis 68. Started sugar intake again.

On 11.03.2017 – weight before dialysis 69 kg. Weight after dialysis 68 kg.

Blood test on 15.03.2017 – creatinine 5.6, Hb 9.

Starting hydration / dehydration cycles now. Will report the results later. Keep coming back.

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Kidney Renal Failure kidney failure cure

Kidney Renal Failure kidney failure cure

Kidney Renal Failure kidney failure cureKidney Renal Failure kidney failure cure





On 25.02.2017 I got a call at around 1.30 PM from a 30 year old kidney failure patient. He said that he is on dialysis for last 30 days.

During the conversation I collected the following information –

That he used to drink milk daily around 300 ml till the age of 22 at the time of going to bed. Besides he used to consume curd as well.

After that he used to drink milk 3-4 times in a week till he was diagnosed with kidney failure.

He never used to exercise. No constipation problems. He weighed around 70 kg.

He did not smoke or take any liquor. He did not eat outside. Mostly (more than 90% home cooked food).

His average water was 3 to 4 litres during summers and 1.5 litres during winters. He used to drink 2 glasses of water during meals (lunch and dinner). This water also used to ice cold.

He used to drink ice cold water during summers.

The thing that stood out was –

He never used to take sweets or sugar since he was a child. Based on this I zeroed down on following propositions of my theory –

  • Our body needs every thing in right mix. Anything in excess or shortage causes inflammation in the body.
  • Since the patient was not consuming sugar since birth there is no mechanism in this body to digest sugar. Or his sugar digestion is extremely poor.
  • That his Resting metabolic rate is very low.

My suggestions to him were –

  1. To boost his metabolism of sugar I suggested him to take 1/2 small spoon of sugar every hour or 2. Around 10 to 12 small 1/2 spoons in a day.
  2. I suggested him to walk for 5 minutes followed with rest for 10 to 15 minutes in bed. 4-5 times in the morning and 4-5 times during night before he retires to bed.
  3. That he should drink 150 to 200 ml water (room temperature) 1 hour before each meal. Total water intake to be restricted to around 600 ml in 24 hours.
  4. That he should measure his urine output in urine pot.

On 25.02.2017 the feedback from the patient was –

  1. He had no burning sensation during urination on 25.02.2017.
  2. Instead of 1 or 2 times he urinated 3 times on 25.02.2017.
  3. His urine output was 300 ml in the morning. 250 ml during afternoon and 200 ml in the evening.
  4. That he walked more than 12 times followed with bed rest.
  5. That he took sugar as suggested.
  6. That he restricted his water intake to 500 ml as suggested – 1 hour before each meal.
  7. That he felt full and energy all the day. That usually he felt tired and lethargic.

So according to me the feedback of 25.02.2017 indicated that his kidney failure will reverse in 2-3 days.

My suggestions for him in future –

Every 3rd day he should drink the water with 1/4 small spoon of salt in it. Till he develops a appetite for sugar and his body learns to handle sugar. I expect that in 2-3 days he will again start feeling lethargic and tired that will be indication that his body is not accepting sugar any more (sugar is in excess and causing inflammation in his body.

At that time his body needs to flush out all sugar metabolic waste with the help of salt.

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