Improve Eyesight working on computer

Improve Eyesight working on computer
Improve Eyesight working on computer

People who work on computers for long hours report poor eyesight after few years. There is a simple solution to improve eyesight working on computer.

Corona of human eye has 65% to 75% of total optical power. Corona has fixed focal length. It does not allow us to see a wide range of distance clearly.

The remaining optical power (25% to 35%) is in the lens inside the eye. This is flexible lens which changes shape based on the distance of the object to be seen. The shape of the lens is decided by the light entering the eye through iris. This lens if held by light sensitive cells.

The foremost reason of poor eye sight is reading or working in situations which does not allow change of the light in the work area like tailor, student, driver, those working in front of computers etc.

Most of the people (who do not wear eye glasses) can see the objects clearly though undergoing some eye strain. This proves that the lens of the eye can be strengthened by exposing the eye to varying light conditions. Exposing eye to varying light conditions will make the light sensitive cells of the eye lens more active and capable of wide range of shapes.

This can be easily done in software companies.

The software companies can change the lighting conditions every 5 to 15 minutes in the work area and see the impact of those changes on the eye sight and strain on eyes after 1 month or so. The range of change of light conditions should be 50% light, 75% light and 100% light.

Tips while getting your specs made

While getting your first specs do not follow your eye doctors prescriptions. Get your specs without cylinder and axis numbers. Get plain Spherical number specs and it these do not cause any blurring of the objects. Getting specs with cylinders and axis numbers will cause frequent changes to your eye specs and worsen the eyesight.

eye specs prescription meaning

eye specs prescription meaning

Things you should take into account while your gets your eyes tests for lenses.

Eye spec prescription has following numbers :-

  • Spherical
  • Cylindrical
  • Axis

When you are not able to see an object clearly you eyes will initially try to see clearly by changing the shape of corona to some extent. How if you are getting your specs made for the first time and you are prescribed sphere, clinder and axis numbers then your corona is never going to return to normal shape. In most of the cases there is possibility of your corona coming to original shape after start wearing the specs. Moreover you can never get the correct cylinder and axis numbers without you trying to wear sphere glasses for few minutes in both eyes and then adjusting the eys with cylinder and axis.



Eye coordination is the ability of both eyes to work together as a team. Each of your eyes sees a slightly different image. Your brain, through a process called fusion, blends these two images into one three-dimensional picture.

Then why your optometrist  puts more than 1 glass in each of the eye. He does it because he wants you to be visiting him every few years.

Unless both eyes co-ordinate you cannot find the AXIS and  cylinder numbers of the eye. You need to allow few minutes to few hours or few days to get the correct axis and cylinder numbers.

Cylinder number and axis number belongs to corona and not the eye lens which sits behind the iris.

But wearing a cylinder and axis numbers initially would mean that your eyes will remain strained for rest of life and will create problems with the lens behind the iris in next few years.

I am not an eye care professional. But then this seems to be common sense.

Let the debate on the above subject by joined by professionals as well. There is hardly any information regarding the above subject in the public domain.

Reasons of Poor Eyesight

Reasons of Poor Eyesight

The first reason for poor eyesight is reading for long hours. This looks strange. But it has a reason.

Let us look at the working of eye to understand the reasons of poor eyesight.

Cornea is the top layer of eye. It is white. It has 65 to 75% of total focusing power (optical power) of the eye. But with fixed focus we can see thing clear only within a very short distance. But in our day to day life we need to look at near as well as distant objects every other minute.

To take care of this, the eye has one more lens behind iris and cornea. This is flexible lens which changes shape easily. This lens is held by light sensitive cells. There is a range of light that can be handled by these light sensitive cells.

When we look at the distant object, the amount of light that can be reflected back to the eye is very less as compared to the amount of light that is reflected back from near object.

Iris controls the amount of light that enters in the eye. For distant objects when light reflected is less the iris dilates and allows more light to enter the eye. Iris stays open for more time to allow more light to enter the eye.

Based on the amount of light that enters the eye through iris, the shape of the lens behind iris is changed.

During long hours of reading, the eyes remain focused on near object for long hours. The light sensitive cells do not move the internal lens. When we spend long hours in reading the light sensitive cells start losing some of the light sensitivity. The lose the capability of reshaping the lens shape based on the distance of the object.


  • We should have variable lighting in the reading room. There should be more than 4-5 light sources which should keep switching on and off. At some times only one source of light should be switched on, at others 2 or 3 or 4. That will change the amount of light that enters the eye. That will keep the light sensitive cells in perfect shape and we will never have to wear the specs.
  • Another option is to close eyes after every few minutes and look at a distant object for 10 to 15 second. Again close your eye and start reading.

What is not useful

Each eye is held by 6 muscles that control eye movement. And one muscle which control the movement of eyelid. The poor vision is never caused due to weakness of these muscles. So exercising these muscles will not be of any help.

Rather those eye muscles can cause damage to the eye. Excessive exercises cause swelling. Swelling means more fluids in the surrounding muscles. More fluids in surrounding muscles means less light sensivity.


Eye Exercises to remove your specs

These are coolest and free eye exercise videos. I have been experimenting with these exercises for last 4-5 years. Though honestly I have not tried all of them in a structured manner for long periods of time.

Please click on this link to watch the best eye exercise program that is absolute free and without any serious side effects. I would recommend to do these exercises one at a time and give a break of 30 minutes before you try next exercise.




Eye Exercises

Eye Exercises

It is believed that if a person with poor vision does not wear glasses, his vision will get worse. But that is far away from truth.

See what American Vision Insitute has to say about poor vision here.

According to the Institute the main causes of poor vision are – reading, watching TV and Computer. In reading eyes are focused on the object at a fixed distance. The eyes get used to focusing on objects at a particular distance. That is the reason that people who did not learnt to read, did not have poor vision.

The mistake that the Institute makes is that they recommend the eye exercises for 30-45 minutes. I did try eye exercises for such periods of time. Since the impact can be felt in few seconds after exercises one feels may be more is better. The only change I would suggest is to do the eye exercises for 1 minutes at a time. One can repeat the exercise 10-15 times in a day with a minimum of 30 minutes gap between two exercises.

Second the most important aspect is to correct the physical deformity of the eye ball. So the exercises suggesting pressure points is another good thing.

Poor Eye Vision and Bed Wetting

Poor Eye Vision and Bed Wetting

Poor Eye Vision and Bed Wetting – Poor eye vision is caused due to fluid imbalance in the body. Doctors tell people to eat carrots. Drink carrot juice etc. That does not restore the fluid imbalance in the body.Poor Eye Vision and Bed Wetting

According to me poor eye sight is caused due to fluid imbalance in the body. Some of the signs of fluid imbalance in the body are frequent cold and cough, sinus. These have been shown to be more pronounced in the people who wet the bed.

You may like to take the survey on bed wetting and other signs of fluid imbalance. The survey will take less than 1 minute. There is no need to give personal information in the survey.

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