Improve Eyesight working on computer

Improve Eyesight working on computer
Improve Eyesight working on computer

People who work on computers for long hours report poor eyesight after few years. There is a simple solution to improve eyesight working on computer.

Corona of human eye has 65% to 75% of total optical power. Corona has fixed focal length. It does not allow us to see a wide range of distance clearly.

The remaining optical power (25% to 35%) is in the lens inside the eye. This is flexible lens which changes shape based on the distance of the object to be seen. The shape of the lens is decided by the light entering the eye through iris. This lens if held by light sensitive cells.

The foremost reason of poor eye sight is reading or working in situations which does not allow change of the light in the work area like tailor, student, driver, those working in front of computers etc.

Most of the people (who do not wear eye glasses) can see the objects clearly though undergoing some eye strain. This proves that the lens of the eye can be strengthened by exposing the eye to varying light conditions. Exposing eye to varying light conditions will make the light sensitive cells of the eye lens more active and capable of wide range of shapes.

This can be easily done in software companies.

The software companies can change the lighting conditions every 5 to 15 minutes in the work area and see the impact of those changes on the eye sight and strain on eyes after 1 month or so. The range of change of light conditions should be 50% light, 75% light and 100% light.

Tips while getting your specs made

While getting your first specs do not follow your eye doctors prescriptions. Get your specs without cylinder and axis numbers. Get plain Spherical number specs and it these do not cause any blurring of the objects. Getting specs with cylinders and axis numbers will cause frequent changes to your eye specs and worsen the eyesight.

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