Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis is caused due to low sugar consumption. Same is with cancer. If you do not believe this you may fill the small form below. It will take less then 15 seconds.


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By the way do you believe that Mayo or for that matter any clinic is interested in helping you stay healthy, think hard.

I am no God. I have nothing to do with science or biology or health care.

You may have your reasons to believe that you are sick because Mayo is telling all truth and nothing else.

My personal reasons to think otherwise are –

My height isĀ 165 cm. I am 52 now. I weighed 74-75 kg. I wanted to lose about 10-15 kg weight. Since 2005 I tried my best to lose weight. Restricting diet, sports, exercising, increased fibre intake. Believe me I did not lose even 1 gram of weight. I was always apprehensive of cutting down on sugar and carbs. But finally 2 years back I decided to take the plunge. I cut down on my sugar intake. I continued for about 18 months on low sugar.

Results – I gained 5 kg weight. I was depressed. I had cervical after about 6 months of restricting sugar. I had constipation, Insomnia and generally life did not feel that good. I had nerve pains as well.

Again I increased my sugar intake. Now it took time to build up my sugar capacity. Now I did not like sugar that much. I kept pushing myself. My neck is perfect, confidence has come. Insomnia is gone, My mind working has improved.

I would recommend every one here to read wiki article on Dr. Atkin who recommended low carb diets to lose weight. He gained 17 kg weight after writing his books on low carb diet. He weighed 117 kg when he died of history of heart attacks.


Please let me know what do not feel about this piece of information.

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