How dangerous is tea

How dangerous is tea

  • Tea has zero calories.
  • Most of people around the world drink tea when they feel low on energy.
  • Tea provides instantaneous alertness and energy.
  • The calories in milk and sugar that goes into tea does not have in themselves enough to provide that instantaneous energy and alertness.
  • All other stimulants like alcohol, drugs etc. have high calorie value in them to provide that extra energy.
  • On average a person eats about 2000 to 2500 calories a day.
  • There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours.
  • That is about 1.5 calories a minute is required. Almost all of this calorie is needed to run the internal organs and systems like brain, heart, kidney, liver, blood pressure, body temperature, digestion etc.
  • In 24 hours a person may spend about 50 to 500 calories in external activities like walking, running, exercise, sports etc.

Based on above we can conclude that when a person gets up in the morning the level of energy in his body is constant. If a person feels low on energy in the morning, that is an indication that his entire energy is channelised to run his internal organs and systems.

Why Tea is Dangerous for the Human body

  • By drinking tea the body does not get extra energy since there is no calories in tea.
  • The body simple diverts the existing energy that is used for internal organs and internal systems to external activities.
  • That would mean that tea makes less energy available for internal vital organs.
  • That would mean that our vital organs will work at reduced energy levels.
  • From this one can conclude that tea causes metabolic syndrome.
  • Metabolic syndrome is responsible for Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart ailments, Stroke, Constipation and every other disease.

Why there is often news that tea is good for heart and for other things

  • Check what is source of the news.
  • Check the source of scientific study that is referred.
  • Check the details of scientific studies.
  • Send a RTI to Indian Council for Medical Research to get a copy of the original research.

You are most likely to face the wall. There is no serious long term scientific study on the effects of tea consumption.

I made some efforts for collecting the data on the effects of tea consumption. You may see the results of the scientific research at the this link.

2 Replies to “How dangerous is tea”

  1. the statements u made how tea is bad for health… did u conduct a stimulated experiment or you referred something and u r writing it… if that is the case then do u mind showing the “references part” …..
    secondly… as u r saying in the morning, when a person consumes tea, he feels energized… its not necessary that the energy required for uplifting a person, is always the energy diverted from section which was actually supposed to run the internal organs…. human body does have stored energy…. a person does not consumes only 2500 calories a day n then he spends it…. the proportion of consumption is always more when compared to expenses….. It could be tea acting as a catalyst in terms of burning extra calories of human body and utilizing the energy in productive manner…..

  2. You may google calories in tea for reference.

    You may have heard from many people that drinking tea on empty stomach is bad. Usually the first impressions which people carry are ignored. That is not good.

    Yes it is possible that tea may be using the stored energy. If you noticed I have put a questionaire to take details of people who drink tea in the morning and who have blood sugar or blood pressure. The number of responses is still some where around 55. I agree that it is not enough numbers to draw a conclusion. But so far it seems that tea is involved in blood pressure and blood sugar. These are metabolic problems.

    How you would explain the following –

    Whenever I drink tea the level of energy and alertness increases. But if I do not drink tea the next day, I usually have extreme head ache and feel very uncomfortable. That too inspite of the fact that for last 7-8 years I do not drink tea or coffee except once or twice in a month. Tea causes constipation as well when I stop drinking tea. Tea causes skin dryness. There are lot of other symptoms which will indicate that tea does not utilise the stored energy.

    Another simple thing to do – Spill over some tea on a glass. After 3- hours try to wipe off the tea with a soft cloth or plain water. The tea does not come off very easily. It kind of becomes varnish and gives water proofing feeling.

    If the same happens inside our body, then tea will work as a barrier and cause diversion of energy only.

    Other thing to note is whether there are rumours spread by tea companies about the goodness of tea. If tea had some thing good in it, then the tea companies would not mind to do some usefull research instead of spreading rumours.

    At the end, I would like just to say that what I started could also be one of the possibilities. Why not check it out.

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