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[5/27, 8:24 PM] Samantha From USA:

Hi Rajinder, I have just finished my 3rd 2 day option (although the first two were not 100% hydration before the 36 hours of dehydration) but this last time was. I have been getting a flair up of eczema, how long should I wait before starting the next 2 day regime?

[5/27, 8:33 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Have u cut out all milk products

[5/27, 8:34 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

And do u mean to say that after u finished dehydration this time eczema flaired up

[5/27, 8:34 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Flared up

[5/27, 8:35 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How much water do u drink after finishing dehydration of 36 hours

[5/27, 8:36 PM] Samantha From USA:

The eczema has been getting bad over the last couple weeks. I have cut out milk and minimized cheese to a couple times a week and only a few ounces each time.

[5/27, 9:39 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

You just finished dehydration. Wait for 1 week. Limit your water intake to 1 litre a day or even 500-750 ml if possible.

[5/27, 9:39 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

It will start working

[5/27, 9:40 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

The dehydration that u did may take time to show results.

[5/27, 9:40 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Just wait and watch. Be patient. It will work

[5/27, 9:43 PM] Samantha From USA:

I am happy to wait and see. I am very excited about it all. Will keep you updated on my progress.

[5/27, 9:44 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Thank you much

[5/31, 1:19 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How r u

[5/31, 1:34 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Any change that u can observe

[5/31, 7:33 PM] Samantha From USA:

The eczema is going away slowly, but my asthma is pretty bad. I have been using my inhaler 2 or even 3 times a day. I am trying to cut out all cheese too, for 2 weeks.

[5/31, 8:52 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Just be patient. Drink 200 ml water every 3-4 hours.

Over next few days you will find lot of relief in asthma as well.

If you do not have high BP lick 1 spoon of sàlt every day.

[5/31, 8:58 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Lick salt thru out the day slowly. Do not take too much salt at one time.

You will be relieved of asthma in 24 hours.

[5/31, 8:59 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

One small spoon in 24 hours.

[5/31, 9:01 PM] Samantha From USA:

Ok I will

[6/1, 9:07 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How is your asthma now

[6/1, 9:21 PM] Samantha From USA:

Still a little strained, but better than yesterday.

[6/1, 9:22 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Are you taking salt as suggested

[6/1, 9:25 PM] Samantha From USA:

Yes I increased my salt intake by a teaspoon yesterday.

[6/1, 9:25 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

That is great

[6/1, 9:26 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Keep the salt as suggested for 4-5 days till u get complete relief from asthma and all allergies

[6/1, 9:30 PM] Samantha From USA:

Ok – I am getting close to my period and am already feeling the pain from my endometriosis. Should I do anything for that?

[6/1, 9:31 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

what is that. I have no idea

[6/1, 9:31 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

I will google and tell u

[6/1, 9:33 PM] Samantha From USA:


[6/1, 9:33 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

I thiñk you do not need to do anything

Just take care not to dehydrate yourself

[6/1, 9:33 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Target about 1200-1500 ml water

[6/1, 9:34 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

After your periods you can dehydrate again after 2-3 days.

May be that will be next time

[6/1, 9:36 PM] Samantha From USA:


[6/1, 9:41 PM] Samantha From USA:

So should I continue the 200ml every 3/4 hrs and salt?

[6/1, 9:43 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:


[6/2, 1:58 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How r u and your asthma

[6/2, 7:43 PM] Samantha From USA:

About the same. I woke in the night and had to take my inhaler. I was careful to drink enough and take salt yesterday.

[6/2, 7:47 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Reduce water intake to 600 ml a day

200 ml one hour before each meal.

Stop salt after 2 days

[6/3, 9:19 PM] Samantha From USA:

I feel much better today. I wonder if I was actually under the weather but just didn’t get really sick.

[6/3, 9:28 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

That is great

[6/3, 9:31 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

And what you did to feel great. Lol

[6/3, 9:35 PM] Samantha From USA:
Thanks to you 😃

[6/3, 9:35 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:


[6/3, 9:36 PM] Samantha From USA:

I was planning to do a 2 day this weekend. Should I?

[6/3, 9:36 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

It will be too early.

[6/3, 9:36 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

If you are feeling good enjoy it

[6/3, 9:37 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Plan it next week

[6/3, 9:37 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Or until such time you feel troubled

[6/3, 9:37 PM] Samantha From USA:

Ok thank you again Rajinder

[6/5, 9:51 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:


[6/5, 9:52 PM] Rajinder Bhalla: How is asthma and eczema

[6/5, 9:52 PM] Samantha From USA:

Almost gone.

[6/5, 9:52 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:


[6/5, 9:53 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Can I refer the other people to talk to

[6/5, 9:53 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

For eczema and asthma and allergies

[6/5, 9:55 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Are u on facebook

[6/5, 9:55 PM] Samantha From USA:

Normally for me, I rarely use my inhaler – so to need it 2 or 3 times a day means it is super bad. But now I am back to needing it almost not at all. Yes of course you can refer people.

[6/5, 9:55 PM] Samantha From USA:

I have a Facebook account but never go on it.

[6/5, 9:56 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

I can give ur whatsapp no.

[6/5, 9:56 PM] Samantha From USA:


[6/5, 9:56 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Can I

[6/5, 9:56 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Thank u very much

[6/5, 9:58 PM] Samantha From USA: 😊

[6/6, 8:06 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How is every thing.

Is eczema there or

is it completely gone.

What % relief you will give to eczema if not 100% relieved.

[6/6, 8:44 PM] Samantha From USA:

Eczema is 100% relief, and gone completely (just fading slight discoloration of skin from where it had been) but no irritation at all.

[6/6, 8:46 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Thank you

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