Heal Spur-Painful Conditions

Heal Spur-Painful Conditions

My school time friend had painful condition. The doctors told him that one of the blood vessels is under pressure and hence the pain. He was advised physiotherapy.

After 15 days of treatment he had no relief from pain. He continued to wriggle in pain all these days he was under treatment.

Luckily he got in touch with me after coming back from hospital. I spoke to him. He had no idea why his blood vessel is under pressure and what type of treatment could be effective.

I took 2 minutes and explained to him the reason for the pain and treatment. A brief of discussion is as under:

There is a thin layer of fibre covering all our body. With age and some other factors this layer shrinks. That causes some of the blood vessels to come under pressure. On the point of pressure the blood accumulates and then there is some leakage. Whenever the muscles in the adjoining area moves the blood clot moves around and causes pain.

The treatment involves stretching the thin layer of fibre called fascia. For this face the wall. Put both hands on wall at shoulder height. Keep one foot 6 to 9 inches away from wall. Keep second foot 3-4 inches behind the first foot. Lean against the wall keeping knee, hip and back in one straight line. That will put mild pressure on theĀ fascia stretching a bit. Do this for 15-20 times in a day for 10-15 seconds each time.

Take care not to stretch too much. The clot should not cause bleeding in the adjoining area. Slow and study approach relieves pain in 24 to 48 hours.

After 48 hours my friend is free of all pain.

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