Health Controversies

Low Sugar Diet

Sugar is bad for health was started by Dr. Atkin. There is whole lot of controversy on the subject. Glance at some facts:

  • Atkin was a Cardiologist.
  • Atkin said that low carbs diet helps in losing weight. He weighed 117 kg at the time of his death.
  • Atkin said that low carb diet is good for heart and he had a history of Heart Attacks and heart diseases.
  • People still believed his comments on heart issues. If I were to administer health in a country, the first thing I would have done is to take back his certificate to practice. He is responsible for more deaths then all wars that have taken place in last 10000 years.

On April 8, 2003, at age 72, Atkins Died. Dr. Patrick Fratellone treated Dr. Atkins from 1999 until 2002, and also worked with the doctor at the Atkins Center. He says Atkins suffered from cardiomyopathy, a chronic heart weakness. But this condition, he says, was caused by a virus not his diet: “I was his attending cardiologist at that time. And I made the statement… When we did his angiogram, I mean, the doctor who performed it, said it’s pristine for someone that eats his kind of diet… Pristine, meaning these are very clean arteries. I didn’t want people to think that his diet caused his heart muscle – it was definitely a documented viral infection.

A medical report issued by the New York medical examiner’s office a year after his death showed that Atkins had a history of heart attack, congestive heart failure and hypertension, and noted that he weighed 258 pounds (117 kilograms) at death. His widow refused to allow an autopsy

Drinking 8 glasses of water  a day

Dr. Bat – and propagated drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. He believed that anybody who followed his water routine could easily live upto 150 to 200 years. Some facts about Dr. Bat:-

  • He died at the age of 74 due to water complications.
  • He had goiter which he said will not affect a person who consumes sea salt on regular basis.
  • After getting himself operated upon for goiter he said he did not know why he got goiter.
  • He said that a person will have perfect glowing skin. I think his own skin was below average.

Tooth Paste and Tooth Brushes

 There have been millions of tooth pastes with various claims to improve dental health. But the fact is –

  • Now a days 90% children gets dental work done before, milk teeth are gone.
  • Earlier when there was no tooth paste and tooth brush 99% children never needed dental work.

Skin Care products

 Most of the shampoos and soaps have serious skin side effects.

  • Soaps and shampoos do no good to the skin or hair.
  • Soaps and shampoos have caused increase in cancer cases.
  • Soaps and shampoos are responsible for increased sun tanning.

Information Super High Ways

All the relevant information is available on internet, but still the knowledge is becoming scarce by each passing day.

  • Every passing day people are becoming more dependent for decision making on unknown faces.
  • Mis-information is increasing manifold by each passing day.

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