hernia cause cure is easy and free

hernia cause cure is easy and free

hernia cause cure is easy and free

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Today (23.03.2017) a 80 year old man struck conversation with me. I was not in a mood to discuss anything with any body at that time. Initially I tried to ignore him. But he came straight saying – If I know of a person with knee pain, I should refer him/ her to him. He said he can provide relief from knee pain in 30 minutes.

I countered that it will be temporary relief and it easy to do.

But he persisted that he follows up on phone for a long period of time and he is sure that people get permanent relief from his treatment.

I asked him the details of his treatment. But he evaded saying that it is a god gift to him and his touch has magic. He claimed that he has treated even preseident of India and has a testimonial from him. Now I was really badly pissed off.

I asked him to refer the patients whom he can not treat to me. That I can cure every disease on this earth within no time.

Now he started asking me the details. It was very surprising that a person so secretive about his own treatment a few minutes back would be so forceful in eliciting more details from him.

But I am always open. I spent another 30 minutes in explaining my treatment theory.

In the end he gave me following details – that he takes his dinner at 9 pm or later. That he drinks water with and after meals. That he sleeps on his stomach. .

He was keen to ask whether he should be sleeping on his left as dictated by old Indian Saints and Ayurveda experts.

I asked him why he sleeps on his stomach.

He said that he cannot get sleep any other way.

I suggested him my walking and resting theory and asked him to try.

But he persisted with the question whether he should sleep on his stomach.

I told him that it will cause hernia to him.

The moment he heard it, he pulled up his shirt and showed a big protrusion on his stomach.

What is physiology of Hernia

When we eat dinner and drink water and other liquids and immediately thereafter sleep, we tend to sleep on left side. That way all the stomach acids and water leaks from the stomach. Because all the liquid and acids will be on top. That way all liquids will be close to the opening of the stomach into the intestines. That will cause all the stomach acids to leak into blood. That will cause the fluids from the blood along with acids to leak into the tissues and cells close to stomach.

This leakage for a long time will cause weakness of surrounding muscles and protrusion and result into hernia.

This is as simple as 123.

But after reading all medicine systems of the earth, I come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to know the exact cause of hernia.

And what about varicose veins.

Same cause. Stop drinking fluids after 6 pm. Limit total fluid intake to less then 1 litre. Stop drinking tea and other caffeine products.

I wish I could make people see some logic into my theories.

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