Hiccups Acidity Cured Within 6 days

Hiccups Acidity Cured Within 6 days

Hiccups Acidity Cured Within 6 days

A patient called on 24.06.2020. He said that he has been suffering from acidity and hiccups for last 7 years. He said that he has been to Allopaths, Ayurved Doctors and homeopaths during this period of 7 years.

That he under went all kinds of diagnostic tests.

Took all prescribed medicines. He said that first time he got hiccups in 2008. That he took medicines at that time for 6 months and he got relief. His hiccups again started about 6 years back.

He said that inspite of taking all medicines he got no relief from hiccucps. Hiccups continue all 365 days except during night time.

On day 3 he did not get hiccups for few hours after getting up. He further on this day that he used to get relief from hiccups once in 15-20 days. That this relief used to last for about 2 days. This time it was on day 3 and again day 6 since morning.

I believe that as he is recovering from acidity, he will recover from hiccups completely in about 1 to 3 months. This is based on my understanding of chronic diseases recovery in One Cure for All Diseases.


Age 33

Tea twice

Milk twice

Water 5-6 glasses

Drinks water with meals

Heart Burning – Acidity – Too much

Height 5-9

Weight 53 kg now. Weight reduced

Youtube videos of the patient consists of the mobile recordings. These are posted without any editing on youtube. The links to his youtube videos is as under –







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