Calorie intake fitness and diet

Calorie intake fitness and diet

Calorie intake fitness and diet

How many calories should an active working woman in her 20s consume? What vegetarian must-have foods are good suggestions for a well built woman?

How many calories should an active working woman in her 20s consume? What vegetarian must-have foods are good suggestions for a well built woman?

  • Calorie intake has no importance for fitness.
  • Working out is not relevant for fitness.

There are adults who consume 3000 calories a day and are under weight by more than 10 kg.

There are people who consume 1800 calories and are over weight.

The above 2 facts should have been enough to silence people who talk of calories.

There are people who never get any muscles even after working out 4 hours a day. There are others who work out just 30 minutes a day and have well built body.

The above should have been enough to silence people who talk of working out.

What is important for good health is –

High Resting Metabolic Rate

There should be enough energy in the body to support the functioning of vital organs.

Correct mineral balance in the blood.

Hydration dehydration cycles will help in balancing every mineral and walking and rest routines will increase the RMR which will help in permanent cure of mineral imbalance in the long run.

Read my blog for more details and / Or watch my you tube videos at – rajinder bhalla

**In brief hydration dehydration cycles is as given here -**

Day 1 – Drink 150 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Reduce meal size by 20%. No other fluid/ liquid.

Day 2,3 – Drink 150 ml water 1 hour before each meal. Total fluid intake 450 ml in the day. Reduce meal size by 20%.

Repeat for 2–3 weeks.

**To get best results increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) as well by doing the following**

Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace within your home in the morning. Reduce the meal size by 20%.

After walking rest for 15 minutes in bed.

Repeat the above 3 times in the morning and 3 times at night before sleeping.The more you rest after walking it will be better. The recommendation of 10 minutes is keeping in view busy schedule of people. 30 minutes is ideal.

For explanation of the above read my blog.

Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss

I am trying to lose weight. I have reduced my food intake by 60%. How much water should I drink every day in view of reduced food intake?

I am trying to lose weight. I have reduced my food intake by 60%. How much water should I drink every day in view of reduced food intake?

The basic purpose of drinking water and other fluids is to balance the minerals in the blood.

While a person is on diet and his consumption has come down drastically there is no point in drinking too much water.

So in my opinion water intake should also be reduced by 60% or more.

If the person were to maintain the same amount of water that he was drinking before to lull the hunger, it will bring down his metabolic rate.

The body will shift most of the excess water to cells causing downward shift to metabolic rate.

Remember that water is 75% of total body weight. So when you are losing weight 75% weight loss has to come from water loss.

Read my blog for more details and / Or watch my you tube videos at – rajinder bhalla

Healthy Fastest Weight Loss

Healthy Fastest Weight Loss

Healthy Fastest Weight Loss

Human body is 75% water. So for healthy weight loss 75% water loss is needed. Is that correct?

Human body is 75% water. So for healthy weight loss 75% water loss is needed. Is that correct?

10% of total Body fluids is blood. Rest of the fluid (90% of total fluid) is in cells and space in cells.

There are minerals, vitamins, hormones, steroids, anti histamines, duiretics, anti duiretics and other molecules and acids in our blood.

For perfect health we must have perfect proportions of each mineral, Hormones, acids etc

Over last 15 years I have done 100s of experiments for balancing minerals in the body. If helps in avoiding all allergies and infections. Every auto immune system problems are cured within 6 days. And the results are 100%.

So right proportions of minerals means perfect immune system and no diseases.

Now minerals are delivered through this blood to the cells.

Based on the proportions of minerals in blood the cells carry out metabolic activity and produce energy (calories) which are very essential for good health.

Now when we reduce our water intake there will be shortage of minerals in the blood. If we drink 3 liters of water with low minerals, the minerals will go out of proportion and be mostly low.

Now this blood will be sent to cells for metabolic activity. So low energy will be there. Minersls with high water content will not be able to enter cells and hence the fluids between space among cells will increase.

That is the main place of weight gain.

Next the energy produced in cells will be substantially lost due to higher fluids outside the cells.

So drinking same amount of water with reduced food intake will cause very low metabolism.

Low metabolism means heart disease, cancer, stroke, and 100s of other diseases.

So one should drastically reduce water intake (more than reduction in food innpercentage).

That will also release some excess fluids from space between cells.

That will result in healthy weight loss with perfect immunity.

That will also result in reversing aging process. Aging is nothing but slow down of metabolic process.

Fastest Healthy Weight Loss

Fastest Healthy Weight Loss

Fastest Healthy Weight Loss

Neither diet nor exercise is important to get lean and fit. Nor drinking huge amount of water and other liquids in necessary. None of the theories hold good for more than 1% people. So it is easy to conclude all theories are nothing but manifestation of ego of experts.

Let us look at some facts –

Our body is 70% water.

When a person starts dieting, he fills the gap in food intake by increasing the water intake. Almost 100% of the people do this. That is the reason for most weight loss programs to fail.

Every person who gets 3 meals a day, is carrying excess minerals in the body. So as a defence system body starts absorbing less of those excess minerals and other molecules in the body.

When we reduce the food intake to 50%, body may increase the rate of absorption. Let us say it reaches 60% of normal mineral levels with normal food intake.

The main role of water and fluids is to balance the minerals in blood with the help of kidneys. And if the minerals were in excess in our body than 40% reduction in mineral on day 1 or good one. There is hardly any need for water on day 1.

So do not fill the gap. If you are going to reduce your food intake by 50% the water intake must be reduced by more than 50% say 60 to 80%.

Every body talks of resting metabolic rate (RMR or BMR) for weight loss.

Just think of what is RMR. This is the amount of energy that is needed for optimal functioning of your vital organs. And it is dependent on having right proportion of minerals in the body.

We have been hearing for ages now that when we reduce food intake our BMR falls down significantly. That is the reason we do not loose weight.

Now remember what is happening. You are consuming huge amounts of water and other fluids specially after accounting for reduced food intake. Some of this excess fluids will be excreted by kidneys but not all.

Some excess water will find its place in cells. That will kill your metabolism.

When 10 kg FAT is burned it produces 8 kg of CO2 and 1.6 kg of water. So for weight loss one must exhale more CO2. That means one must exercise to make lungs work harder. WRONG.

When you dehydrate, your breathing pattern changes. Your breathing becomes deeper. You exhale more CO2. That is another way of saying that dehydration is the process of elimination of waste from the body.

So you do not need to exercise to expel more CO2. Because most of the people who exercise will end up drinking huge amount of water and other fluids. And everybody is not so lucky to have super efficient kidney which will filter and remove all excess water from body.

Only 1% or less of people have enough energy and will power to work out and exercise. But with little practice every body can dehydrate easily.

We started with that 70% of the body weight is fluid. That means any weight loss program to be sustainable has to maintain the same ratio of fluid to body weight.

That means for any weight loss program to be successful (sustainable) it must target to lose 70% fluid of the total weight loss. Meaning that if you want to loose 10kg weight than at least 7 kg must be fluid loss.

Obese people’s cells carry more FAT. This excess FAT has to be removed from within cells and not from tissues (space between cells). FAT is the main ingredient for the cells. Cells will malfunction if there is not enough FAT.

So solution is to reduce food intake by 40% on day 1 along with 60% reduction in fluid intake. Restrict fluids to less than 500 ml on this day.

On day 2 normal food intake. Fluid intake should be 1 to 2 liters.

Read more about few more things on my blog to understand the whole scheme of things.

Hydration dehydration cycles will help in balancing every mineral and walking and rest routines will increase the RMR which will help in permanent cure of mineral imbalance in the long run.

Read my blog for more details and / Or watch my you tube videos at – rajinder bhalla

**In brief hydration dehydration cycles is as given here -**

Day 1 – Drink 150 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Reduce meal size by 20%. No other fluid/ liquid.

Day 2,3 – Drink 150 ml water 1 hour before each meal. Total fluid intake 450 ml in the day. Reduce meal size by 20%.

Repeat for 2–3 weeks.

**To get best results increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) as well by doing the following**

Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace within your home in the morning. Reduce the meal size by 20%.

After walking rest for 15 minutes in bed.

Repeat the above 3 times in the morning and 3 times at night before sleeping.The more you rest after walking it will be better. The recommendation of 10 minutes is keeping in view busy schedule of people. 30 minutes is ideal.

For explanation of the above read my blog.

Weight Loss Theory

Weight Loss Theory

Weight Loss TheoryWeight Loss Theory


Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) represents the calories that are needed to run the vital organs and vital processes of the body. RMR is a 1 to 1.5 calories per minute.
Easy Walking (4 kmph) consumes 5 calories a minute for average person.
The body keeps reserves of calories to ensure that there is no shortage of energy for basic life functions.
When a person starts working out, the body uses the reserves of energy (not FAT) for the exercises.
The initial weight loss is just water weight loss.
When a person continues with the exercises for 1 to 2 hours daily the excess calories spent cannot be passed on to cells. That is too much. 2 hour calorie loss would be 120 minutes x 5 calories = 600 calories. This calorie loss cannot be made good by increasing the metabolic activities at the cell level.
This causes the body to divert the energy meant for vital organs to the physical activities.
So now your RMR will go down to may be 1.2 calories. That will be 0.3 x 1440 = 432 calories per day.
So the net loss will be 600–432 = 168 calories.
The person who starts working out for 2 hours daily will increase his diet by more than 200 calories. So it is almost impossible to lose weight this way. That explains why people gain weight when they start going to Gym.
Now what happens when you stop going to Gym or when you stop working out
Inflammation is the process of removing the unwanted or un-used things from the body.
If there is an injury, the body will repair that part and whatever tissues or cells were damaged in the process will need to be removed out of the body.
Same thing happens with the muscles or energy stores. In the short term the cellular metabolism may increase producing more energy. The excess energy may be stored for use later on.
But there is expiry date of this stored energy.
If this is not used within reasonable period of time, the cells starts getting damaged causing cancer and other auto immune system diseases.
So never engage into a work out schedule unless you want to get into a professional which needs you to use that extra build up and high levels of energy.
Just to show case the muscles, do not Gym.
Working out is just like buying an elephant. Remember it is very expensive to maintain an elephant and to discipline the elephant.
Some basic calculations of RMR are given below –
Every one has heard million times that one has to burn calories to lose weight.
And I thought that to burn calories one has to heat up the body.
That is the single most reason that not more than 0.001% people succeed to lose weight.
Nutrients from what ever we eat, gets into blood. The food passes through stomach, small intestines, large intestines and then out of body. Through this journey there are stomach acids, enzymes etc which get added to the food. But in this entire process the there is no calorie generation.
Then the blood along with the nutrients absorbed from small intestines are filtered by liver.
Then this filtered blood is passed on every cell of the body. Cells of the body carry out metabolic process and convert the nutrients in blood into energy. It is here in cells that we can say that burning or manufacturing of calories takes place.
The energy or calories produced by the body is then used by the vital organs of the body or vital processes of the body. Vital organs like – heart, kidney, brain, liver, stomach, small intestines, large intestines etc. Vital processes – blood circulation, removal of waste from cells and tissues etc.
If excess energy is produced by the body, then this must be used in external physical movements or exercises. Exercise is not something that is needed or that is essential. But exercise or movements help to push the nutrients to furthermost cells in the body. If there is lack of movement, the nutrients will not be pushed to further most cells and will not generate any energy.
Now some where here the problem of weight gain or weight lose is located.
My personal opinion is that based on the health status of a person, liver decides what nutrients or chemicals have to be filtered out or not. Cells get whatever they have been getting based on previous manufacturing or previous metabolic history of the body.
Here some thing gets confusing and complicated. Based on my personal experiences, I started working on weight lose from 1 April, 2016. I was weighing 79.5 kg on 1 April, 2016. My target is to lose 20 to 25 kg weight.
My theory is that – if I exercise or do other physical movements, I will burn extra calories. These calories are burnt out of reserves maintained in the body. If we do lot of exercise and exceed the reserves, the body start cutting down the supply of energy for vital organs and vital processes.
That is the reason that we get tired. We need rest after exercise.
The energy generation at cell level does not increase significantly in the short run. That is the reason that the energy spent in exercises do not show in weight loss.
What interval walking does or interval exercises do to the body.
Let us say a person walks for 5 minutes. He will burn extra calories equal to 4 x 5 = 20 calories. This excess can be met from the reserves maintained in blood in the form of blood sugar.
As per my observation , the person does not get tired. Rather the person gets warmed up. He is usually more alert and his movements improve after this. the vital organs start getting more energy.
After the person stops walking, the Resting Metabolic Rate starts coming back to normal. But remains high for considerable period of time. The body sends signals to the cells to function better and increase the calorie production.
Calorie calculations
The following calculations will throw some light on the calorie burned by interval walking.
Let us assume that –
Resting Metabolic Rate of a person is 1.2 calories per minute.
Let us say a person walks for 5 minutes every 30 minutes. During walking his body will burn 5 calories per minute (Average). So extra calories burned will be (5–1.2) x 5 = 19 calories.
But this will result into Resting Metabolic rate to go up to 1.5 for the next 25 minutes due to increased functioning of heart, kidneys etc.
Now in 16 hours the person will burn – 19 x 32 (walks 5 minutes every 30 minutes for 16 hours) plus 0.3 x 1440 (there are 1440 minutes in 24 hours) = 1040 calories.
That is good enough to lose 1 kg weight in 7 days. That translates to 4 kg per month.
But even this is very tiring. This slows down the RMR after 1 or 2 days. You will get very tired. The whole idea is to burn extra calories and then pass on the burden of extra calories to the cellular metabolic process.
So better walk for 5 minutes every 2 hours. That will be walking for 8 X 5 X 4 = 160 calories. In 7 days this extra burden can be easily passed on to the cellular metabolism. After 7 days make it 5 minutes every hour. That is enough for first 1 month.
After 1 month use your mind and experience that you get and update and help others take informed decisions.
It seems that walking 5 minutes every 30 minutes is very easy job. It is not. The sheer amount of extra calories that needs to be produced by cells to meet this extra demand is not possible in short run. So it will result in getting extremely tired.
So do not take the things to this level in the beginning.
Now let us look at what happens when we exercise heavily.
Let us say jogging time is 15 minutes, we may burn 10 calories per minute.
Total calories burnt 15 x 10 = 150
Extra calories burnt = 150 – 1.2 *15 = 132 calories
For a over weight person, 15 minutes is too much. The person will be dead tired. His body will not be able to meet the needs of the internal organs. The body will ration the calories of vital organs. Let us say during rest period the calorie allocation for vital organs comes down from 1.2 to 1.0 calories.
And that will be the situation for next 24 hours. ie. 14440 x 0.2 = 288 calories will be saved.
To make up for low calories available for vital organs person will eat more. That will add some calories.
This explains why most of people gain weight after engaging in heavy duty exercises.
What is shocking is that people never admit to gaining weight by exercises. Their excuse is that they gained weight because they did not continue exercise. That is funny. This much loyality to stupid ideas is not required. Be up front and blame the people who advise high intensity exercises.
You can see the results of Biggest Loser reality show online.
If ‘The Biggest Loser’ Doesn’t Work, Why Is It Still On The Air?
Now you have reasons to speak up.
My recommendations
Walk for 5 minutes 10 to 12 times in a day with minimum 1 hour gap.
If that prove too much and results in fatigue, reduce walking to 2 to 3 minutes at a time.
After 15–20 days increase walking to 5 minutes.
After 1 month increase walking if possible to 5 minutes every 45 minutes.
This should be enough to lose about 7 to 8 kg per month in 3rd or 4th month.
But there is one problem. After every 4–5 days the body starts losing weight fast. And body fights back and regains the weight.
I am currently carrying out some experiments with increasing carb consumption after the process of losing weight gets too fast.
After consuming carbs there should be no water or other fluid intake for 1 to 2 hours.
Thereafter there should be gradual increase in water intake. It should not result in too much water in a short period.
Lot of water in short period will reduce the Resting Metabolic rate.
Target to drink 3 litres of water per day.

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06 – Focus today was about 12 kms a day based on the fact that I had gained about 500 gram weight as compared to yesterday.Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06

Excess calorie burning caused inflammation which causes the body to save on calories during the rest periods.

Google and other Fit Data

Weight – 77.5 kg

Steps – 15000

Calories Expense – 2500

Distance covered – 12 kms.

Food Intake – 2300 calories

Water intake – 3500 ml

New Developments for today – Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06

I weighed in 500 grams more in the morning as compared to yesterday. When the gap between calorie consumption and calories spent is huge, the body starts inflammation process, cutting down the calories that are spent during rest periods. As noted on earlier days, it is very important to keep the calorie expenditure during rest period as high as possible.

One solution is to watch the weight loss during night. For this weigh yourself just before going to bed. Go to bed almost at the same time. Weigh yourself immediately after getting up in the morning. Get up in the morning at the same time. If you plan to get up late on any day, just get up and weigh yourself at the same time.

Tabulate the weight loss during night. Watch for nights when weight loss was minimum. Look for the calorie expenditure pattern during that day. If there are sharp movements in calorie intake and expenditure, try to minimise the gap most of the time.

There is no short cut for weight loss.

Target for 300 to 400 gram weight loss every day.

Must Have

Accurate digital weighing machine. Preferably one which is accurate to 50 to 100 grams – Click here to order one.

Google Fit for measuring steps, kms, calorie and time spent walking – Click here to download Google Fit

Smart Alarm Free – Click here to Download smart alarm free

I may be making some profit on supply of weighing scale. The delivery may be delayed as well. If you prefer you can buy the same locally as well.

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05 – Why should you lose weight by following a particular regimen? I will try to stick to things which are easy and clear to a common man.

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

1. There are 24 hours in a day.

2. 24 x 60 (minutes = 1440 minutes in a day.

3. Average calories burned in a minute = 2160 (Average Food intake)/1440 = 1.5 calories per minute.

4. If you focus burning calories during exercise and miss the calories that are burned for rest of the period you will not achieve the goal that you set out for.

5. If you are over weight and do high intensity or medium intensity exercises, you get tired within 5 to 10 minutes. That is no rocket science. After that you need very high amount of will power to go along your chosen regimen.

6. Once you get tired you do not consume calories in at normal weight. At that time the body gets into emergency mode and starts conserving calories. This is also no rocket science.  So quite likely after 5 minutes of high intensity exercise and after rest of 10 minutes you will start burning calories at the rate of 1.25 calories. And other way to make up for less calories would be high intake of calories. in next 23 hours you will save 0.25 x 1380 = 345 calories.

7. In 5 minute high intensity exercise you will not burn more than 40 calories. And you will lose business and work as well due to being tired all the time.

8. What if you do very low intensity exercise for few minutes only. 10 minutes normal walking. Not even brisk walking.

9. In 10 minutes you will burn 10 to 20 calories more than normal. After 10 minutes of walking, you will feel energetic and warm. You feel more alert, since you just made your body generate more calories by firing more amount of oxygen in the calorie burning engine. So you may keep burning 2 or more calories for next 60 minutes.

10. After 60 minutes again walk for 10 minutes.

11. This way you will be burning at the rate of 2 calories per minute for day time of 16 hours.

12. When you sleep you will have burned excess calories for the entire day without tiring yourself. So you will get very sound sleep. Sound sleep means deep breathing. Deep breathing means more calories. May be 2 calories or even at 1.5 calories you would have burned 0.5 x 60 x 16 hours = 480 extra calories.

13. This way in a week you will lose about 500 grams per week. If you want to burn faster than this you will need to walk more then 10 minutes per hour. May be every 30 minutes you will need to walk 10 minutes.

14. I am going to implement the above theory on myself. I will write my progress on daily basis here.

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

Today is 05 April 2016

My height – 165 cms. or 5 inch 5 feet

My weight – 77 kg today morning.

My goal of food intake – 1800 to 2200 calories a day.

Sugar intake – 4 to 6 spoons a day.

My goal – walking rest for most of the day.

Calorie intake was about 1800 today.


2 Roti and sabji. 1 Tea = 450 calories.


3 rotis and sabji. 1 Tea, 5-6 Biscuits. I had mild head ache during middle of the day. Not a very pleasant and happy day.

Dinner was another 500 calories. May be another 200 calories in sugar and snacks.

To keep track of my calories etc I use Google Fit.

To keep track of time for my walking I am using Smart Alarm Free. This has very good features for snoozing. Once you set proper alarms, nobody can stop your weight loss.

Google Fit data for 5th April was – 5409 steps, 2.1 kms, and 1660 calories. Which was almost same as calories consumed.

New Developments for today – Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

I noted that if I drink 300 ml water my weight will go up by 300 grams. And my following the above routine, I will lose that extra 300 gram weight in less then 1 hour. That indicated that water has been completely used up alongwith some food.

I decided to drink water only after making sure that I am losing 5o t0 100 grams more than water or food intake.



Constipation and Dehydration

Constipation and Dehydration

Constipation and Dehydration

Constipation is single cause that could be contributing to all ailments in the world. And there is no cure or conclusive study of constipation.


I am a perfectionist.


I suffered from severe constipation for a long time. I suffered from other stomach related issues as well for a long time.


I tried various water drinking solution. I got 80 to 90 relief from various water drinking routines.


But I am not satisfied. My pursuit of cure of constipation is still not over.


Currently I have decided to try the following routine to eliminate constipation completely and to reverse all the damage that it can do or has done in my body.


Day 1 – I am drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water with one hour gap. This will clear the blood of imbalances of minerals, vitamins and other chemicals.

Day 2 to 15 – I am drinking 300 ml water with occasional drinking of 200 ml tea on 4-5 days. I am trying to restrict my liquid intake to 500 ml in 24 hours on all days. Even if the temperature runs at 40 degree C. Once the body has been cleaned of all the imbalances of minerals and chemicals, it does not mean lots of fluids. After managing the blood the next job is to clean up the stored imbalances of the body. The stores of excesses lying in the tissues, liver and elsewhere needs to be cleaned. That will happen only if you drink less water. That will draw the reserves or stored things to the blood for getting removed from the body on day 16. Drinking more water on Day 2 to 15 can do irreversible damage to the body.


Immediately on waking up in the morning – I would walk for 2-3 minutes. Followed with a sitting rest for 5 minutes. Any walk which is brisk or for longer duration will tighten the muscles causing stoppage of the gastric movements. When muscles get tired or experience pain they tighten up. So resting and relaxation is the key to complete gastric emptying.

Walk for another 5 minutes and then rest in bed for 15 to 30 minutes.

Repeat the above walk and rest routine till I get a strong motion movement.


I take my weight before and after motion. There should be difference of 300 or more after motion.One needs to the maximum difference in weight before and after bowel movement. When the difference in weight before and after start falling, that will be the time for increasing the water intake (8 to 12 glasses of water a day).


One should expect weight loss of 5 t 10 kg in a month with the above.


The purpose and theory behind the above routine –


  • When I started my water routine about 12 years back, At this time I used to drink 250 ml water every hour during the day averaging about 10 to 12 glasses of water per day. I found that I got immediate and complete relief from constipation, head aches and gas in 2-3 days.
  • When I continued with drinking the above amount of water, I suffered from constipation after few days.
  • I concluded that constipation is caused due to extreme acidity. When I started I was suffering from severe acidity.
  • But later I suffered from constipation again while drinking enough water. I tried using the loss of minerals theory and supplemented minerals by taking 10 to 20 grams of salt every day in water. But that also did not work on long term basis.
  • I observed that I do not lose more than 100 gram weight after motion.
  • The motions are soft and semi solid. And I used to get head aches once in 10-15 days.
  • I found that dehydration has lots of health benefits.
  • I observed that tea is dehydrating but most of the people around world uses tea to relief themselves of constipation.
  • I realised that during sleep most of the people do not drink any liquids and still they get motion in the morning. That means dehydration is pre-requisite for healthy motion.
  • That people use honey, lemon, warm water etc to relief of constipation. All off these are dehydrating.
  • Yoga, breathing exercises, sports, walking running etc all are dehydrating and help in getting relief from constipation.


The targets of the above water routine are –

  • Weight Loss
  • Easy and full motion
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Better kidney health
  • Improvement in stamina
  • Saving of time that people spend on walking away from house
  • To get plenty sleep and rest.
  • To reverse the aging process.


Watch this space regularly to get the results of tests I am doing on myself.


And please you do not start this on yourself.


I have practiced dehydration over last 10 years or so. But any one new should not attempt this. If some one out there wants to try, do not dehydrate yourself for more than 2 days in the beginning.


weight loss with Intense workouts

weight loss with Intense workouts

weight loss with Intense workouts
weight loss with Intense workouts








Now there is another supporter from famous to support my theory of moderate activity.


The world has started learning.


Any excessive exercise causes inflammation and will further cause in increase in weight after some time. Doing mild exercises like walking for 5 minutes 3 times in one hour should help. See earlier post for explanation


Calorie calculations for Weight Loss

Advantages of Interval Walking over any other form of Weight Loss program


  • Almost every body, with even mild disability, can walk. My parents are 82 years. I have advised them to walk 40 steps every 30 minutes. And it is doing wonders so far.
  • Walking burns 5 calories per minute.
  • Walking for 5 minutes does not tire you out in most of the cases of people below 60 years of age.
  • Walking 5 minutes every hour will burn 25 calories. 5 x 5 calories
  • Walking for 16 hours a day for 5 minutes every hour will burn 16 x 25 = 400 calories.
  • The resting metabolic rate of a over weight person is about 1.1 to 1.25 calories per minute.
  • After walking for 5 minutes, the resting metabolic rate will start coming back to normal levels of 1.1 to 1.25. But that will not happen all of a sudden. After first 5 minutes the resting metabolic rate may come down to 4 calories per minute. By the end of hour hour the resting metabolic rate may still be 1.5 or above. That will take the average metabolic rate for 1 hour to above 2. Let us take it to be 2 calories per minute.
  • In 24 hours there are 1440 minutes. That will translate to 0.75 x 1440 = 1080 calories.
  • Total calories burnt in 24 hours due to walking will be 1080 + 400 = 1480.
  • This translates to loss of 400 grams every day in 3 days if food intake is restricted to previous level of 1800 to 2000 calories per day.
  • However after some initial weight loss the food intake can be increased to compensate for high calorie burning.
  • Alternatively walking can be reduced to 5 minutes every 90 minutes or 120 minutes.
  • Weight Loss of 4 to 5 kg a month is very safe weight loss.
  • However 1480 calorie deficit in 24 hours is very high and will cause extreme fatigue which people would not be willing to admit.
  • So walking for 5 minutes every hour for 3 hours in morning and 3 hours in the evening can do wonders to your body weight.

So Happy weight loss for your life.


Similar pattern can be used for weight gain and strength building with some additional water routines thrown in.


Keep watching this space for more tips.

Weight Loss Science

Weight Loss Science


  • Get up early in the day.
  • Walk at normal pace for 5 to 10 minutes in the comfort your home (700 to 1200 steps – Use android app – Pedometer to count your steps).
  • Rest or sleep in bed for 20 minutes.
  • Repeat the above 3 more times.

At the end of the above you would have walked 700 x 4 to 1200 x 4 steps (2800 to 4800 steps).

If you miss to get up early, do not worry – You can do the above whenever you feel like in the day or even before your go to bed.

I think it cannot get better then this. So go for it. You should be losing 1-2 kg per month. That is the healthiest way to healthy weight. No believe me there will be no side effects.

Now it is time to look at some facts.



  • There are 1440 minutes in a day (24 hours).
  • A person consumes 2100 to 2800 calories in 24 hours.
  • That translates into 1.5 to 2 calories per minute.
  • Most of the above calories are spent in the processes meant to sustain life. A person confined to bed would also need at least 80% of the above calories to sustain life.
  • When the rate of calorie burning increases the body releases lactic acid or whatever it may be.


Some Good references


Science or logical thinking

  • High intensity exercises burn about 10 calories per minute (though I have doubts on this, but for argument sake I will not dispute this – it will be debated later in future posts).
  • An overweight person finds it difficult to do high intensity exercise for more than 5 t 10 minutes. Let us say 30 minutes (for argument sake).
  • Extra calories burnt would be (10-2) = 8 x 30 = 240 in 24 hours.
  • Now the person is fatigued. Tired. What does it mean?
  • Fatigue means that life processes (heart, brain, kidneys, liver and other essential life processes) are not getting enough energy to sustain.
  • Through fatigue the body lowers the calorie burning rate of these life processes to compensate for extra calories burnt.
  • So you are advised to do stretches are high intensity exercises. But do they help – There are serious doubts. The facts and figures say that these stretches harm the body in the long run.
  • Now if you start burning 1.75 calories per minute after getting tired – you are recover 1410 x 0.25 calories in rest of the day. That is 352 calories. So what is the point in doing the exercise.
  • But most of the people would lose weight initially. That is the point where the lactic acid or other acid production is not too much to lower the basic (idle) calorie burning. As the days go by the build of acid increase.
  • Any way – what have been doing during exercise? We are dehydrating at a pace more then we are hydrating ourselves. This is uneven dehydration. There are certain organs involved in the above exercises. They dehydrate at a faster pace then rest of the body. Acids try to balance this uneven dehydration in the body through acid production.



What you can do verify the above statements

  • I am not focused to write much on this at this point of time. Will add more to this later. SO keep coming back to this web site section. At this point only point comes to my mind.
  • Immediately after you engage in high intensity exercise, do you bed and try to sleep. You breath will get to normal or below normal in few minutes. And after few minutes (30 minutes) you will have no desire to go to for another round of high intensity exercises.
  • Now after walking for 5 to 10 minutes as suggested by me, while you are in bed, you breath for the whole period of 30 minutes at a faster pace. And you love the idea of doing the same again. That means your body is in a mood to burn more calories.
  • Whenever you burn extra calories you dehydrate at a faster pace. That does not mean that you should keep drinking water all the time. You can lose weight only if you dehydrate. But these dehydration should be evenly spread through out the body do that this dehydration is not severe on one organ.
  • Excessive dehydration is fatal to the organs. So go for drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water once in a week. Rest of the days you should manage without 200 ml water 1 hour before each meal. That translates into 600 ml water in 24 hours.



What does the above means

  • Walking for 10 minutes burns extra calories during the period you walk.
  • While you are in bed it keeps burning extra calories and tries to seek high idle metabolic rate. Meaning that you calorie burning per minute will be 2.1 or higher for the entire day (if you can spread these exercises through out the day. Do these exercises 2-4 times during the day.
  • 2-4 times the above routines may result into 3 to 5 kg weight lose per day.


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