Healthy Fastest Weight Loss

Healthy Fastest Weight Loss

Healthy Fastest Weight Loss

Human body is 75% water. So for healthy weight loss 75% water loss is needed. Is that correct?

Human body is 75% water. So for healthy weight loss 75% water loss is needed. Is that correct?

10% of total Body fluids is blood. Rest of the fluid (90% of total fluid) is in cells and space in cells.

There are minerals, vitamins, hormones, steroids, anti histamines, duiretics, anti duiretics and other molecules and acids in our blood.

For perfect health we must have perfect proportions of each mineral, Hormones, acids etc

Over last 15 years I have done 100s of experiments for balancing minerals in the body. If helps in avoiding all allergies and infections. Every auto immune system problems are cured within 6 days. And the results are 100%.

So right proportions of minerals means perfect immune system and no diseases.

Now minerals are delivered through this blood to the cells.

Based on the proportions of minerals in blood the cells carry out metabolic activity and produce energy (calories) which are very essential for good health.

Now when we reduce our water intake there will be shortage of minerals in the blood. If we drink 3 liters of water with low minerals, the minerals will go out of proportion and be mostly low.

Now this blood will be sent to cells for metabolic activity. So low energy will be there. Minersls with high water content will not be able to enter cells and hence the fluids between space among cells will increase.

That is the main place of weight gain.

Next the energy produced in cells will be substantially lost due to higher fluids outside the cells.

So drinking same amount of water with reduced food intake will cause very low metabolism.

Low metabolism means heart disease, cancer, stroke, and 100s of other diseases.

So one should drastically reduce water intake (more than reduction in food innpercentage).

That will also release some excess fluids from space between cells.

That will result in healthy weight loss with perfect immunity.

That will also result in reversing aging process. Aging is nothing but slow down of metabolic process.

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