Hydration Experiences

Hydration Experiences

The pages on this blog are based on my personal experiences over a period of last 8 to 10 years. The journey broadly has been very confusing and controversial.

I have been above average sports person through out my life. I played football, badminton, swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, cricket. Almost every thing that I could lay my hands on.

By the time I was 40 I had some serious health issues. The first major shock was – When after a dexa scan I was told that I have severe osteoporosis. I was told that I will have to take Calcium and Vitamin D3 for life.

For the first time in my life I started spending time on internet looking for solutions to cure Osteoporosis. Then came my second bigger shock. I found that there is no cure for Osteoporosis. But I kept reading and trying various things. I did sun bathing. I used to spend hour in shorts in summers (45 degree temp) on roof taking in as much sun as possible.

I tried exercises. But most often I found that after 2 days of exercise I have extreme body pain and temperature. I could not continue for long periods of time. But I kept trying.

Next shocker came in the form of Kidney stones. The doctor told me to drink 4-8 litres of water every day. I did not take that seriously but increased my water intake. I had kidney stones 3 years in a row. 3rd year I had some blood in my urine. That terrified me.

I started drinking 1 glass of water every hour. I fixed my meal timings with very minimum of meals sizes with nothing one can call nutritious.

And then came a bigger shocker of my life.

Within 10 days I felt as if I had no medical problems ever in my life. My bones, my strength, my constipation every thing disappeared. I was too happy.

Every body I met during that period, I would lecture him to no end with benefits of drinking 1 glass of water every hour. I was like crazy. People used to laugh at me. I used to be surprised with the reaction of people.

But after 2-3 months I started feeling that benefits of drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water are in reversal mode. But I kept looking at other sources of trouble for next 1 year.

Then I came across another web site – www.watercure.com and www.watercure2.org

That was second turning point. I started adding 1/4 spoon of plain table salt and later 1/4 spoon of sea salt to each glass of water that I would drink during the day.

Within few days I found that I could go out and exercise endlessly. I started playing badminton. There would be days when I would beat any body in badminton. But there would be other days when I was not too happy with my body.

Water and salt continued for about 18-20 months. All my family members (my wife, 1 son and 1 daughter were on this. Some where down the line I started feeling uneasy. But nothing serious happened during this period.

There is one thing that deserves to be mentioned here. During this period of 18 months I had 2 serious falls. There was extreme pain and I thought that I must have broken more than 2-3 bones each time. But within less then 2 minutes I had no trace of any pain. Even when the body cooled off, there was no trace of any injury.

After about 18 months I found my blood pressure has gone up to 100/150 and I had water retention and swelling. I stopped adding salt to my water. Now water tasted very bad. But I completely gave up adding salt to water. Within 1 month my Blood Pressure came back to 70/110.

After about 2-3 years (after I stopped adding salt to water) I had 2 falls. First time I broke 2-3 bones. Hair fractures. Second time I had 4th degree sprain. I could not get the things right for more than 6 months.

After these incidents I started adding salt to my water. But now I would add salt to my water for 2-3 days in a month.

During the period when I was on salt and water I found that I have difficulty swallowing and drinking water and other fluids. I would often chock on drinking water and eating rice. I spent some 15-20 days on internet and found that it could be some thing similar to Huntington. I was terrified. This Huntington could be due to increased salt intake. After reducing my salt intake and water intake – the chocking stopped completely.

The Bigger Shock of My Life

I told my Brother in Law (55 years) who had very badly cracked heals. One could see the heal bones thru the crack very easily. And he had his condition for more than 10 years.

I suggested to him to drink 1 glass of water every hour. Within 15 days there was no sign of cracked heals. His heals were simply smooth and perfect. I and my Brother In Law and all others who knew this were all shocked to no end.

But there was another shocker waiting for me.

The Biggest Shock of My Life

After about another 15-20 days the cracked heals came back. And these were worse then they were before. My Brother in law had continued drinking his increased water intake. I was totally confused. It was in front of my eyes. I could not say that there is something else wrong in this case. The difference was too obvious to ignore.

I started questioning water drinking very seriously.

I started reducing my water intake. I found I was happier. I was like mad. I used to lie on bed for 48 hours just trying to figure out what happens by reducing water intake. At time I drank less then 2 glasses of water and other liquids in 1 week. I used to have very bad experience.

I would not suggest anyone reading this to reduce the water intake to that level under any circumstances. Anything beyond 48 hours could be very serious.

Soon I found that even in summers I could be very active even after giving up water for upto 48 hours. I played in 45 degere temperature for more 2 hours after giving up water for 48 hours and did that without feeling thirsty or tired. But I do not recommend that to any one.

I started treating very serious ailments by suggesting people to give up all fluids for 48 hours. There was 100% success. I have not come across any one who had any complications arising from this. But I do not recommend 48 hours to any one. 24 hours to 36 hours will do the trick.

You will find more specific logic and details of giving up fluids on AIDS and Sinus pages.

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Other Shockers

Bed Wetting – 4 year girl cured of bed wetting in 2 days by adding salt to her water intake. See other shocking details in bed wetting section.

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