Migraine Cause and Cure

No cause / reason is known of Migraine. I accidentally hit on cure of Migraine. The cause and reason is developed later. So I hope you will not mind that much of tinkering with the cause and reason of migraine. LOL

Our body runs on blood sugar. In normal activity levels our body burns 85% sugar and 15% FAT and no proteins. During very strenous exercises the protein also gets burned along with FAT.

  • Percentages may not be 100% correct and at this point of time, do not want to be stuck on accuracy of these percentages.

Sugar is most important thing for running our body. The large population based studies say that there is link between Diabetes and headaches (Migraines). Low blood sugar is supposed to cause Migraine.


The only difference in my study and the above studies is that I know that excess sugar consumption results into low availability of sugar to the cells. This is absurd statement. But my experiments have proven these to be correct.

The above statement also indicates headaches could be precursor to diabetes.

So that also means that there should be same cure for both Migraine and Blood sugar.

By logical reasoning, I found cure for Blood sugar few months back. All that I am lacking therein is large data base.

Persons who are diabetic are extremely scared to try my cure given at – http://healthyindianow.in/category/diabetes/

But I believe that people suffering from Migraine may not be that delicate and I can get a large scale data to prove my points.

And now lets talk of medicines – ibuprofen

This type of medicines cause heat in the body. The heat produced by these medicines release more sugar from the cells of the body in the body and thus relieves the pain.

So another way of treating the migraine is consuming 1/2 spoon of sugar when migraine is expected to hit the person. Or simply eating 1/2 spoon of sugar after every 2 hours or so.

Adjust the amount of sugar and frequency based on your own experience. But believe it – this is the only cure.

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