Count down for 3rd World War???

I have always been thinking what will happen if one found a free cure for all health issues. Personally I never had any doubt that one day every one will be laughing at Medical community for missing out on something which even a child will not miss out.

And Finally I found the simple and perfect cure for every disease on this earth. It is only a matter of time, when this world will accept the same. It is simple, fast and will demolish the whole of medicine system very soon. There is no need for any labs for blood tests and x-rays. It is straight way to perfect health.

What is the Cure –

All medicine systems in this world are dependent on finding out what mineral, vitamin or hormone is in excess or short supply in the body. So far, since the advent of life on this earth, medicine community has not been able to go beyond 1%. Most modern labs in the world can diagnose only 1% of the total variables that can effect our health. That too is a wild guess. None of the blood tests really have any meaning and relevance to the disease for which these tests are done.

Let us assume there are 1 lac things which can cause disease when they become disproportionate. There may be some kind of stupid tests for 1% of those things.

Now take a small and simple example.

Take a glass of water. Add 1 spoon of salt to the water. Taste the water. If you find the water very salty, you will add some more water to match it your taste. If you find that salt is less, you will reduce the amount of water. There is no better option then this.

All medicine systems focus on Blood as the carrier of all hormones, nutrients etc. Blood or fluid is the only thing which moves from one place to another. When the medicines reach blood the repair is carried out.

Now what will happen if we add 1 lac things in water which will finally take the form of Blood. These things will be disproportionate to the ones found in the healthy body. Now how do we restore the right proportion of these things to cure every disease in the body.

We have Kidneys which do the same job. Our kidneys remove the unwanted things from blood. Let us assume that out of 1 lac things in our blood 70000 things are in excess.

Drink 2 to 3 litres of water on Day 1 in 200 ml to 300 ml doses every hour. Keep the doses correct. Keep the timing correct.

All things which are in excess will get diluted and the systems and part of the body which depend on those 70000 things will start working perfectly. The kidneys will excrete the excesses to a large extent in 24 hours. This will put a very small pressure on things which are in short supply in our body. I can confidently say that the benefit due to reduction of excess will be to the extent of 60-70% in 24 hours. The negative impact on things which are in short supply will be 0 to 5% only.

On day 2 drink no water or other liquids. It will be 36 hours without water technically. At about 10 PM on day one water will be stopped. There is no water intake during night (12 hours). Next day no water intake (12 hours). Next night no water intake (12 hours).

Some people may find it very difficult in the beginning to stay without water for 36 hours. They can take week to 10 days to get used to the routine. They need to repeat the routines for 30 to 60 days to maximize the health benefits.

And now what I am claiming. My father (80 years) survived in June 2014 when all the doctors said that there is no hope for him. He had sepsis, multiple organ failure. He was back on recovery path in less then 48 hours. Next was 2 boys with celiac and Irritable bowel syndrome with Blood pressure and pulse problems. Every thing was under control in 6 days. Next was dust allergy. after 3 days the wounds caused due to dust allergy completely healed.

There was another lady with Blood sugar. She did not give too may details. But she seemed to have better control on her blood sugar.

Next stop is last stage cancer patient. It should not take ore than 6 days to get a handle on all patients. I am quite hopeful of Ebola, dengue and other things.

1/3 of the worlds’ population is dependent on health industry. If all of them are without any job what will happen to world peace. I hope the governments world over will be able to handle that.

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