Schizophrenia Cure

Schizophrenia Cure

A lady had relapse of Schizophrenia on 28.02.2014. Her medication was started on that day itself. Every passing day her condition worsened. Yesterday she drank almost 15 litres of water in 24 hours. The only option that was being considered by her family members was – admitting her in hospital.

At this time they chose to try one last option – Her water intake was cut off completely. She was given sugar sweets every 1 hours. By evening she was back to normal.

The most potent cure for Schizophrenia could be – restricting water intake and regular intake of sugar in small quantities every one hour. The sugar quantity that can be considered – 1/2 spoon every hour.

Please be warned. Sugar in excess will not help. It may in fact increase the complications.

The usual drugs which are prescribed for Schizophrenia are extremely dehydrating. Because of extreme dehydration and thought trains the affected person ends up drinking too much water and other liquids to control the thought trains. This is the main reason for weight gain and delays in action of the drugs. It usually takes 15 days after the start of the drugs to stablise the patient.

With restricting water and other liquids the relief can be felt in a matter of few hours (the period could be as short as 2 hours in most of the cases). Sugar (sweets) along with restricting water can have positive effects in a matter of 1 hour.

Now it appears that people with Schizophrenia have low appetite for sugar and sweets. They complain of vomiting feeling when they take small amounts of sugar every hour. It will not be out of place to fill up the following form to collect the requisite data. Click here to fill up the form

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