Sinus – Dehydration

I experimented with dehydration to extremes. I used to stay without water for upto 48 hours in summers with 45 degree C temperature and then play badminton during afternoon hours without sipping a drop of water. This went of like this for years.

Recently I found that my pulse rate and blood pressure started increasing. The pulse rate used to be more than 110 at times. The Blood Pressure used to be 140/90. I found that there was some link between water intake, pulse rate and blood pressure.

I also felt that I suffered some minor strokes off late. There was noticeable swelling on right side of the face (on area close to ear). That used to be after playing badminton for excessive periods of 2-4 hours. So I increased my water intake to about 8 to 10 glasses of water.

Last 15 days I had sinus. For last 4-5 years I had no cold and cough or sinus related problems. But I kept my water intake on higher side due to fear of blood clots due to dehydration.

When the things did not improve even after 15 days, I gave up water and all fluids for 48 hours and got complete relief from sinus and associated pains. In a normal case the sinus would have disappeared on its own if I was playing my badminton or doing some other exercises. But I did not water to do exercises due to excessive dehydration fear. To my mind dehydration thru restricting water intake is much safe.

After around 36 hours I got complete relief from Sinus. This again confirmed my belief that dehydration is the only cure of sinus.

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