Why don’t I lose weight even if I don’t eat more than my resting calorie rate

Why don’t I lose weight even if I don’t eat more than my resting calorie rate

Why don’t I lose weight even if I don’t eat more than my resting calorie rate

What is Resting Metabolic Rate?

It is energy that your body needs to survive. Or in other words it is the energy that is used by your vital organs to survive.

So if you are not eating your Resting Metabolic Rate you are killing yourself. You are starving your vital organs. They are getting enough energy to work efficiently. Let us say your heart needs 500 calories a day. And you are allocating only 400 calories a day for heart.

Heart will not be pumping the nutrients to all the cells in the body. Since all cells are not getting the minerals and other nutrients that they need, they will be generating less energy every passing day. That is a vicious negative cycle.

But you can control whether you are feeding your vital organs or allocating more energy for external movements – exercises.

So according to me exercises or eating less is not a solution. If the things were as easy as that no body would be over weight.

I recommend very small amount of exercise which uses energy sources of the body (stored sugar etc). At the end of exercises the body should have surplus energy. This surplus energy will not get converted into energy store again. The chances are this surplus energy will be used by the vital organs.

So now your heart will pump more blood to the cells. Cells will produce more energy next day. More energy would mean still higher Resting Metabolic Rate every passing day.

You get into positive cycle. Every passing day your Resting Metabolic Rate is going up. And you do not need to cut down on food. You do not need to do tiring exercises.

Suggestions –

  1. Walk for 5 minutes in the morning after getting up at easy pace without house. Very doable things.
  2. Go back to bed. Rest for 10 minutes. The energy generated by walking is still not completely used up. This energy will be used by vital organs if you stop every other option of energy expenditure.
  3. Repeat the above 2–3 times in the morning and night before sleeping. If you stay at house do it 2–3 times during after noon.
  4. Do not take is as something which is very easy. Within 2–3 days you may feel extremely tired. When you feel tired do not force yourself for even walking. Take a break and rest as much as you want.
  5. And you will weight in a healthy way. You will not get any loose skin or any of the side effects of loosing weight.


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