Acid Reflux – Review of Article at Webmd

What causes Acid Reflux

For me the first thing that is necessary in any problem solving is to define the problem. So before anyone begins to find the cure for Acid Reflux, the cause of acid reflux should be found. While defining the problem brain storming needs to be done to throw the ideas which may not be correct. I find most of the number web sites do not even attempt at brain storming by listing some possible causes. I will attempt here some ideas.

Webmd is very reputed web site. It has entered some text under the heading what causes Acid Reflux. Check it out yourself.

To my mind no attempt has been made to give any causes.

What could lead to Acid Reflux

  • Eating more acidic foods. If that was the cause, the person would have died in a matter of few months or days after starting complete acidic foods. But people survive for years. And some people never complain of acid reflux even if they live for 100 years.
  • Eating oily foods – Oil is also acidic to some extent. There are people who do not eat any oils but still suffer from acidity. I have people in my family who do not eat any oily stuff but they suffered from acidity all 12 months in a year.
  • Eating late at night. The food eaten late at night is not digested. But the acids are excreted to digest the meal and remains in the stomach for a long time. Yes to some extent this could be possible reason. But if that was the reason at least 50% of the people who eat late at night should be suffering from acidity.
  • Toxic build up in the body. Whatever we eat is converted to glucose and rest is thrown out of the body. When this is not thrown out of the body, it starts to putrefy. This process produces lot of acids. These acids help to heat up the body and throw the excess toxics out of the body. That is the natural defence system of the body. But when natural process starts it may produce some discomforts. People may start treating themselves for the discomforts. That starts interfering with the removal process and toxics are build up.
  • To get relief acidity people are advised to increase the fluid intake. If that was the solution then every person would have been cured of acidity in a matter of few hours. Body has monitoring system for every thing. Body has to maintain a certain pH level. If that pH level is not maintained the body will become dead. So at one time it allows only some removal of acids from the body. After that it starts restricting the excretion of the acids.

What Medicines are given to cure Acid Reflux

  • No medicines are given to cure acid reflux.
  • People are usually misguided that they are being given the medicines to cure acid reflux.
  • Since discomfort is caused due to acid coming out of the stomach into the food pipe, the medicines that are given provide an additional coating to protect the food pipe from the stomach acids. This coating further adds to the toxic build up and after some time these medicines stop working or need higher doses.
  • Exercises are no cure for Acid Reflux. Exercises provide very little relief.
  • People who suffer from acid reflux are not in a position to engage into any meaningful exercises. So does not make sense to recommend things which are impractical.

What is the cure

  • Removal of the toxins from body
  • The main routes of excretion from the body are urine and stool.
  • Every body knows that a diabetic person urinates more often. Doctors know that sugar helps in relieving constipation as well.
  • So sugar should be solution at bed time and in the morning.
  • Every body knows that drinking more fluids also help to some extent in more urine output. But that can also cause build up of fluid in the body, which will come in the way the body removes the toxins.
  • So drinking fluids on day 1 and not drinking fluids on day 2 helps. Even very severe cases have been managed with the above cures. Rfer to home page for better understanding of the fluid dynamics.
  • If some one does not get any cure, he needs to discuss and give more details about his daily routines.

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