Acidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

Acidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

Acidity Sinus Constipation CeliacAcidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

The connection between acidity (GERD) and Sinus –,,20529772,00.html


I treated my father of sepsis caused due to lung failure by hydration / dehydration cycles meant to correct fluid imbalance in the body.


That was based on my own treatment of sinus and common cold and cough with hydration / dehydration cycles meant to correct fluid imbalance in the body.


To relieve cold and cough doctors do advise people to drink lot of fluids. So they must have seen some people getting relief from drinking water to relieve cold and cough.


Yes that is true fluid imbalance causes every disease in the body. If a person from chronic dehydration, that can become cause of cold and cough and acidity.


Connection between mouth ulcers and Acidity


Have doctors ever advised you to increase your water intake to get rid of mouth ulcers. I was advised by doctors to increase my water intake. Everybody that I walk to says that they never heard that mouth ulcers can be cured by restricting water intake. And everybody could cure mouth ulcers by restricting water intake for 12 to 18 hours. For permanent relief they had to reduce their daily water and other fluids intake.


Connection between Constipation and Acidity

Treated my father and lot of other people suffering from chronic constipation by hydration / dehydration cycles. These hydration / dehydration cycles correct the fluid imbalance which is the main trouble maker.


Connection between Bed Wetting and Acidity


There are no links that I could find. But I could cure bed wetting of my children by increasing their water intake. Another child was cured of bed wetting by adding a pinch of salt in water and helping the child reduce the water intake. So it was all about fluid imbalance, hydration / dehydration cycles helped restore the fluid imbalance of the body.


And there are theories that acidic food and citric food causes increase in bed wetting. That is an indication that acidity however mild may be the cause of bed wetting.


Connection between IBS and Acidity


Connection between Celiac and Acidity


I treated both IBS patients and celiac patients with hydration / dehydration cycles to restore the fluid balance in the body and results were shockingly fast.


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  1. I never knew GERD is linked to sinus problems. I have been suffering from both GERD and sinusitis for as long as I can remember and I have been trying to find relief for my sinus infection using several treatment options, and some of these treatments are Saline nasal irrigation, Acetaminophen, and simple rest. However, I have not found any symptom relief for GERD, sadly. Anyway, thank you for the new information and thank you so much for providing the links!

    1. Share details of your fluids intake in any form – Water, Tea, coffee, butter milk, milk, lemon water, fruits, salad etc
      Try hydration dehydration cycles for permanent relief from both. Drink 1 glass of water with each meal for 5 days. No water or other liquids except with the meals.

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