Benefits of Sugar

Benefits of Sugar

  • Plain sugar is the instant source of energy
  • Energy is need in the body for running all the vital organs – Heart, kidneys, brain, maintaining blood pressure and temperature, lungs etc
  • If the vital organs do not get enough energy, they will start malfunctioning.
  • When vital organs work in a poor way – a person is said to be having metabolic syndrome.
  • High Blood pressure, high Blood Sugar, heart disease, kidney stones, brain related ailments, thyroid are all metabolic syndrome.
  • So far sugar has been tested by me on following people (1/2 tea spoon every hour) –
  • Insomnia cure – 3 persons – cured in less then 3 hours – aged 45, 32, 22.
  • Schizophrenia – 2 person – cured in less then 3 hours. Age 20 and 45 years
  • weight loss – 2 persons aged  20, 22.

I plan to test this on thyroid soon.

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