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The Facts that most people would have heard:

  • Dieting does not help lose weight. Reason – Body gets into defence mode and start saving calories.
  • Exercise does not help lose weight. Reason – After exercise the body gets into defence mode and starts conserving calories.
  • Drinking plenty of water is good for overall health.
  • etc.

What happens when a person exercises

  • Exercise causes more energy to be burnt.
  • The energy that is ready to be burnt is in blood. Energy ready to be spent is in Blood in the form of Sugar and FATs.
  • When we eat more calories but burn less calories the blood carries less calories. The rest is stored away.
  • Based on the previous use of calories the blood carries less calories in case of a person who does not do regular exercise.
  • A person who does not exercise regularly, has less stamina. That means his blood carries less calories and tends to store excess calories else where.
  • Carrying excessive calories in blood is harmful for the body. It damages vital organs of the body. That is why pancreas with insulin etc are made.
  • When a person starts exercise his stamina starts improving. His blood starts carrying more calories.
  • But the moment the person stops exercise, suddenly there is build up of excess calories in the blood. This is very harmful for the body. As a defence the body becomes more careful for future and starts saving much less calories in the blood.

Example –

  • A person burns 2000 calories in 24 hours without exercise.
  • The person starts exercising. Burns 200-400 extra calories. Feels tired soon. The extra calories have to come from the stored calories (FAT etc). The rate of conversion from FAT to triglycerides is less then calories spent in exercise. So soon a person starts feeling tired.
  • The person feels tired because the energy need for vital organs is diverted for external activities (exercise)
  • When exercise is stopped there is urge to eat and cover up the shortage of energy. If the person gives in to the urge, the excess energy burned is regained and there is no weight lose.
  • If the person controls the urge, he will remain tired for most of the time for next few days. So his basal metabolic rate will come down. The net result will be no calorie deficit.
  • The vital organs will come under stress as they get less energy.
  • This is a vicious circle.

What is the solution

  • There has to be continuous slow conversion of FATs into triglycerides for use in the body.
  • The pace has to be so slow that the energy available to the vital organs is not reduced. If the vital organs’ working improves, there will be reason for the body to start storing more calories in the blood on regular basis.
  • Exercise for 30 seconds every hour. The 30 seconds exercise will increase calorie burning for the rest of 1 hour. This is evident from the results of exercise. After such a short exercise the person feels more alert, his reflexes are better. These are indications that all vitals are working harder then before.
  • In idle state a normal person burns 1 to 1.5 calories. By such small exercise there are chances of increasing the basal metabolic rate to 1.5 from 1. That is 1440 extra calories in 24 hours.
  • But I am not able to see weight lose by the above exercise. But there is huge jump in endurance and working capacity. Yes in long run it seems to help in getting rid of all excess weight.

New Facts about use of sugar before, during and after exercises

  • There is almost no information any where – as to how much sugar is needed for the body on daily basis. There is so much hype on this topic.
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar has 15 calories.
  • Sugar acts as a buffer and does not allow sharp changes in blood acid levels all of sudden due to exercise and acidic or alkaline food.
  • Sugar reduces the gas formation.
  • Sugar impacts the same portion of the brain that is impact that is impacted by drugs of abuse.
  • Sugar help in constructive jobs in the body. Salt helps in deconstructing the body. This is equally important to the body as sugar (construction) is. There can be no new construction without first deconstructing the things in body. So both are very essential.
  • People who are Obese and FAT can not control their intake of sugar and food. Hence it is difficult for them to reduce weight,
  • healthy people restrict their intake of sugar which has extremely severe side effects – Insomnia, depression, thyroid, weight gain after few years, and all things related to metabolic syndrome like High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar.
  • Excess intake of sugar does no good to the body. But right amount of sugar is the best medicine in this world.
  • Eat 1/2 teaspoon of sugar every hour thru out the day. Eat 1/2 teaspoon of sugar 10 minutes before meal and 10 minutes after a meal.
  • Total calorie intake of upto 150 from sugar is perfectly ok for the body.
  • I personally believe that the above suggested intake of sugar should cure high Blood sugar in 7 to 30 days in a person.
  • But be careful which doing the above. Always take blood sugar readings 2 times a day while following the above.

Some more Facts about Sugar

  • Today (31st march 2014) I downloaded an Android App – Instant heart Rate. In the Heart Zone – The following is mentioned.
  • Our body is fueled by 85% Carbs, 10% Sugar and 5% Protein.
  • Those who wish to lose weight should exercise so that the body is fueled by 50% sugar and 50% FAT. This way they can exercise for long durations.
  • It further said that if a person does intensive exercises, the body will start burning 85% sugar, 10% FAT and 5% Proteins. In this phase the person who burn Proteins and hence overall metabolic rate of the person will come down.
  • Now a question comes to my mind – What do we achieve by intensive exercise and can we do the same thing without exercising?
  • I think that is possible – Let me say how –

Losing Weight Requirements

  • Body should be burning more than 30% of Sugar and 70% of FAT.
  • At 10% Sugar and 85% FAT composition of the body, the FAT will not be burned effectively.
  • We should increase the sugar content to 30%. That will fuel more fat to be burned.
  • Digestion is energy intensive process. More ready sugar will help in better digestion.
  • We will never be tired. The first thing that a weight loser has to deal with is fatigue. High Sugar content will ensure that the person is not tired.
  • Lactic Acid is released only when body starts burning 85% sugar and 15% FAT. That is a condition which is very dangerous for heart and other vital organs. Release of Lactic Acid is a defence system.

Today I am very confused about the whole weight lose theories. So I make one more attempt at revisiting my life from childhood.

When I was about 10-13 year I was among healthy children with lot of power. I remember eating tonnes of sugar in those days. Whenever  I did not like the food cooked in the home, I would eat the Roti or Pranthas with Desi Ghee and Sugar (Or Gur). And believe me there will be plenty of Ghee and Sugar consumption. I used to eat in a big way.

Since childhood I was good in academics. But there were ups and downs as well. I got good marks in 10th class. Around that time I became conscious of doing exceedingly well in 12th exams.

Around this time some one told me that eating less and drinking tea and coffee helps in improving brain performance. I was always a person who would live to try extremes. I gave up all food. Earlier I used to eat at least 12 to 15 rotis or more in 24 hours, now I started eating one or two rotis in 24 hours. I was drinking 4 to 8 cups of tea and coffee. I lost weight. By the time my exams were over I was weighing 47 kg. I was shocked.

This routine was responsible for spoiling my results as well. If I had not followed this routine, I am sure I would have topped on all India basis.

The moment my exams were over, I stopped drinking tea and coffee. I will not even look at tea and coffee. For next 30 days I was sleeping all the time. At least 18 hours a day. I was eating as much as I could. I would eat to the point, where it was impossible for me to eat any thing more. I played football as well from school team during 12th class. But I was not happy with my performance in that as well. I was a better person earlier.

My weight won’t move up by even 1 gram in next 5 years. I was exercising, eating heavily, doing every thing on earth to gain back my weight. But during this entire period I never checked my sugar consumption. I believe that during this period my sugar consumption must be on higher side.

During 1984-87, I was going to college and not eating too well. May be I was low on sugar as well. I gained 2-3 kg of weight during this period.

In 1987 I joined a job. I would leave early and will be back home late. My sugar intake was not there. No tea, no milk no home food most of the time. From 1987 to 1993 I gained 15 kg weight. After marriage also the same routine was followed and my weight jumped. From 1993 to 1997 I had lot of job changes. I hardly had any sugar intake during this period. I gained another 8-9 KG. Now I became very conscious of increased weight. I started doing every thing possible to reduce weight. But I won’t come down.

In 1997 I left my job. I started my business. In 1002-2003 I had serious health issues. I stopped concentrating on my business. Now I started thinking about health issues 18 hours a day. I adopted lot of theories. There were certain gains. The things were in control in next few years. But I was not happy. My weight came down from 76 to 67. But after some time went up to 72-73.

I started doing the exercises suggested above. I was reasonably regular as well. But my weight went up to 78-79 KG. During this period lot of people suggested that reducing the sugar intake will help in losing weight. During this period my sugar consumption was least. There were other changes as well.

Now I have decided to increase my sugar intake. I will try to reduce my weight by simply targeting spreading of sugar intake evenly during the day. Every 1 hour I will eat about 1/2 to 1 tea spoon of sugar. That will make about 100 to 150 calories by sugar intake. Let us see if I can lose weight this way.


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