Blood Sugar test and Blood Acid level

Blood Acid (pH) levels has to be 7.35 to 7.45.

In case the blood sugar goes beyond this range it causes serious ailments. When the Blood acid level falls below 7.35 the common symptoms are mentioned in the link given below.

The symptoms mentioned in above link are – Headache, sleepiness, confusion, loss of consciousness, coma, seizures, weakness, diarrhea, shortness of breath, coughing, arrhythmia (increased heart rate), nausea and vomiting.

When the Blood Acid levels goes up beyond 7.45, the symptoms that may be experienced are given at the following link.

The symptoms mentioned in above link are – Confusion, nausea, vomiting, muscle spasm, light headedness, arrhythmias, coma, seizures, loss of consciousness, severe breathing difficulties.

In fact if one looks at the reasons of both – the reasons and symptoms would be same.

Carbon dioxide plays an important role. That comes from cells.

But no one seems to be answering why cells produce more carbon dioxide.

Important Conclusion

If a person has symptoms mentioned in above mentioned links, can he conclude that his blood acid levels may be the reasons. The obvious conclusions seems to be yes. So if you have head ache, confusion, you are not able to concentrate, loose motions, vomiting, a high or low blood acid level may be the reason.

How to control Blood Acid levels

There is 5 to 6 litres of blood in our body. Alcohol, citrus fruits, and lot of other things that we eat or drink is very high on acids. And similarly there are other things that are high alkaline.

Among all things sugar does not have a pH value (Sugar is neither acidic or alkaline).

Sugar acts as a buffer. Sugar does not allow the blood acid level to change all of a sudden.

If a person has ingested lot of high acid products, then if his blood is carrying correct amount of sugar, the pH level of blood will not change all of a sudden.

And believe me our body works round the clock to maintain the requisite blood acid levels.

Through breathing process, urine the blood acid levels are monitored on second to second basis.

How much sugar to consume

World Health organisation does not recommend minimum amounts of sugar that must be consumed to stay healthy. Reasons – very strange. For diarrhea it recommends that a person should be given a mixture of sugar and salt.

But why not on a regular basis.

Anyway WHO lays down that consuming 6 spoons of sugar is safe for females and 10 spoons of sugar is safe for males.

I recommend a minimum amount of sugar at 4 and 6 spoons of sugar a day to keep healthy and fit.

And off course free from all old age related diseases. Remember that in old age people stop consuming sugar and hence they fall sick often.

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