Cancer and Proteins

Cancer and Protenscancer and proteins

What was the basis of claim that cancer cells thrive on sugar. People were advised to avoid taking sugar for last 20 years to cure cancer. More than 50% of cancer patients would have died of this mistake only.


Now what is the guarantee that the above discovery is of any value.


In my opinion this latest discovery will kill the more than 50% of the cancer patients.


Look at the same research houses. 40 years back calcium supplementation advise came. It claimed stronger bones. When nothing happened they claims that calcium supplementation with Vitamin D3 supplementation will do the trick for stronger bones. When even that did not work out, they fell silent on that.


Sugar is the single most important thing for everything related to brain. Making it culprit for cancer or any other disease was meant to get hoards of patients with mental issues.


May be 50% of the terror in the world is due to such research. May be lack of sugar is making people violent.


Now lack of proteins would be killing people.


Every human has some tastes and preferences. There is no way you can change the taste and preference of the people over a long term.


The best thing is digestion. Control every aspect of nutrition with digestion process. Let the people of this world be free to eat what they feel like. And take the challenge to make them healthy. That should be the challenge to the health professionals.


Health professionals or unprofessional throw back the challenge at the patients, God or Stress.


There is another view that due to pollutants the human body has become very acidic and hence the increase in cancer. This is another such big lie.


I am currently taking a test. I would be drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water once in 15 days with hourly rests. On rest of the 14 days I would be drinking 3oo to 500 ml fluids including water, tea or any other thing liquid.


The aim is to prove that acids are more important to human body then a alkaline environment. This regular shift from acidic body to alkaline body will ensure that even if the humans have habits (which they find difficult to give up) this change in acid levels of the body will help them digest only the best during this period of 15 days.


Keep watching this space with more information on the results.


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