Chicken Biryani in Vikaspuri

Chicken Biryani in Vikaspuri

Chicken Biryani in Vikaspuri

It is scary that 77% of the urban rich people are deficient in protein.

It is even more scary to know the health diseases that are associated with protein deficiency.

I get calls from patients every day. They talk about diagnosis for various conditions. But I have never heart any patient telling me that the doctor has told him / her that he is protein deficient.

Let me give some details about nutrition aspects of chicken biryani.

73% of rich urban Indians are protein deficient. That is very scary. But I believe that protein powders and gyms are not solutions. They make the life miserable. They may cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is incurable. Link is below.

Protein deficiency causes poor skin, nails, hair, fatigue, bones, joints etc besides other health problems. For more details read the above article.

Why you should eat Chicken Lajawab Biryani instead of Chhole Bhature in breakfast –

Our chicken biryani has the perfect mix of carbs, proteins and fat. 1 kg of chicken biryani is good for 2 to 4 persons. One needs high carb diet to digest proteins.

Each serving (500 grams) of chicken biryani will have –

8 to 10 ml of oil

36 to 40 gram protein in 150 to 175 gram chicken

325 to 350 grams of Rice

That translates to 90 + (160 + 105) + 420 calories = Total calories = 775 calories

Depending on age and health status of a person 350 to 500 grams will be good in each meal. Starting the day with 775 calories will be best.

The best food should provide calories in the following manner –
60% from carbs
25% from Fats
15% from Proteins

Chicken Lajawab Biryani is closest to the recommended mix of protein, fats and carbs.

We will soon start providing at 9 am. Book your chicken lajawab biryani 2 days in advance.

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