Cold Flu sinus

Cold Flu sinus

The following link says that there is running nose and sweating during cold and flu, so that means body is getting dehydrated. And hence we should drink more of fluids to stay hydrated.

I personally used to get cold, flu and sinus problems 3-4 times in a year. As I aged the cold, flu conditions became worse to handle. I would generally have a fever of 105, severe body ache and head ache along with sinus, cold and flu. For 7 to 15 days I would be completely grounded after a cold.

I understand that our body never does anything to cause harm to us. So if we have a running nose and sweating that means that we need to lose lot of water to get better.

Over the last 8 years I stopped getting cold, flu and sinus. The reason is that 1-2 times in a month I give up all fluids for 24 hours completely. For last 8 years I have not taken any medicine.

The most interesting part is that people who give up all fluids for 24 hours get complete relief from cold and fever within 24 hours. Why not try this. Because the link given above gives relief after few weeks of rest.

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