Constipation Cure

Constipation Cure

Constipation Cureconstipation cure


Patient Details

  • Age 80 years
  • Constipated for more than 50 years.
  • Regular medicines for constipation
  • Last 2-3 years needed enema every 2 months or so
  • Epilepsy for more than 25 years
  • On tagritol 400 mg for 25 years
  • Altered sensorium
  • Sepsis, multiple organ failure
  • CKD stage 5
  • Osteoporosis and bed ridden for last 2-3 years

Constipation Cure

  • Used One cure for all diseases for 2-3 months
  • consumed 6-8 spoons for sugar orally daily
  • ate soft diet for 3 months


  • Not bed ridden any more
  • active and independent
  • No medicines for constipation any more
  • Still follows the water routine once in a month
  • reversed osteoporosis

No more medicines for any of the diseases listed above.

Age reversal has set in. He is improving every day.

During winters he reduced water intake and had seizures every 3-4 days. In February water intake was increased and since then maintaining the fluid balance. No seizures for last 3 months.

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