Dabur Chayanwanprash is clinically tested to boost immunity

Dabur Chayanwanprash’s claim that it has been clinically tested to boost immunity is a lie and fraud


What is clinic testing? Random selection of trial subject – sample size 30, 10 is a big joke.

Who funded these clinic trial

Were the sample sizes good enough?


I want to nail these claims and lies.


There cannot be any science behind these claims. This is plain fiction.


I put all such claims to red alert.


I challenge all such claims to be tested in a mathematical manner as done on – One Cure for All Diseases.


One Cure for All Diseases


Only I can claim to boost immunity through One Cure for All Diseases.


Check out the funny side of the claims on Dabur Web Site –


And believe me this is no science this is plain fiction.


Only science and maths that can help you with immunity boost is –


Rest is challenged


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