DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine

DDAVP Bed Wetting Medicine

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine – DDAVP has been approved by FDA to treat bed wetting long back. Some deaths of children have been reported from the use of this medicine. FDA made statements in the media that it will monitor the situation and issued advisories to the parents.

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine
DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine

That is the funniest FDA can get to.

I would be thankful if some one could tell me the sales figures of DDAVP over years from 1990.

I guess that –

  • Since the sale of DDAVP started, every year the sale must be increasing multi fold.
  • Bed wetting among kids must be increasing
  • Bed wetting among adults must be increasing.

But I wonder who is the right authority – government or otherwise to analyse the above facts.

The main side effects of DDAVP are –

  • Headache, Runny nose, Nasal stuffiness, Nosebleeds

The medicine system has not found any cure of any of the above conditions. I have been offering perfect cure, cause, reason for the above conditions. You can see more details about Runny nose, Nasal stuffiness and nosebleed on sinus link. www.healthyindianow.in/sinus/

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine – responsible for long term side effects and poor quality of life of such children.

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