Delhi Metro Fare Hike Unfair

Delhi Metro Fare Hike Unfair

Delhi Metro Fare Hike Unfair

Delhi Metro is 50-50 partnership between Delhi Govt and Central Govt. The objectives of any government has to be –

  • Social welfare
  • Honesty
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Reasonable profits on investment

There is nothing wrong about earning profits by Central and State Government.

But profit earning objectives cannot be unreasonable and a torture to the public.

During peak hours the cost is 1/3 or even less of the cost of carrying pessengers during off peak hours. 90% or more of the cost is fixed cost. Cost of laying the track, manning the operations is fixed, cost of the train is fixed. That means if more people travel in the train then the cost will fall drastically. So if the cost during off peak time is Rs. 30 for a trip, during peak hours the cost of the trip will be Rs. 10 or even less.

Recently fares have been increased. For morning and rush hours the fare is higher by 11.11% as compared to off peak hours.

During peak hours people do not even get enough air to breath. This is plain un-acceptable. Government is making torture to the people a profit churning exercise.

This is high insensitive on the part of the govt. And there is no protest against this type of unreasonable actions of the govts.

We are becoming unresponsive and dead.

Sign the petition to Delhi Chief Minister and Prime Minister of our country to make changes to Delhi Metro Fares which are reasonable. Do make profits by all means. But not by being barbaric. Do make fun of the miseries of the people.

Click Here for petition

We can grow together. We can scale life together.

Let us petition to Delhi Chief Minister and Prime Minister of India

Those who want to join the Public Interest Litigation in Delhi High Court please give your mobile numbers in comments.


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