Dengue Cure

Dengue Cure

Dengue Cure

All the symptoms reported in the above news are of excessive fluid overload in the body. That is what I have been maintaining for last 3 years now.

I have seen 100% success rate in rocking immunity with no sore throat, cold and cough, rashes etc over last so many years.

I would like to report another case here.

A relative who is alcoholic reported loss of vision after a drinking session. Doctors said that there is blood between eye lens and ratina and they will try to manage the situation by medicines for about 1 month before deciding to operate for correcting the problem.

On way back I checked his water intake for last 2 days and asked him to stop drinking every thing water and liquid. In 36 hours he regained his eye vision.

The medicine system is taking such a long period of time in agreeing that over hydration is main cause for every disease.

Dengue or any other flu can be cured in 24 hours. Stop drinking water and other liquids for 24 hours the moment one feels even slightly feverish.

I can help but report the matter. I have doctors prescription of the patient that completely recovered from loss of vision as mentioned above.


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