Diabetes (Blood Sugar) Cure

Some Thoughts

  • During night the body works to remove the waste and carry out other repair activities.
  • First thing in the morning everybody goes to toilet for passing stool and urine.
  • Stool and Urine is the result of night time activities of the body.
  • If during night our body does not perform best, the stool and urine will not completely remove the waste from the body.
  • That will be called toxin build up in the body.
  • The functioning of vital organs will be hampered if there are not enough blood sugar resources.
  • Lack of sugar causes insomnia and constipation.
  • Lack of sleep means less time for repair. So to remove the same amount of toxins from the body, it will require higher blood sugar.
  • Constipation will also result in increase in toxin build up in the body.
  • To clear toxins from body, one needs to increase water intake.
  • Higher water intake causes reduced concentration of sugar per unit of blood, causing further problems for a diabetic. It results in increased insomnia and depression.

Some Scientific Studies

  • During night our body survives on blood sugar only
  • Sugar stored in cells or tissues and other places is not used during night.
  • Sugar is only cure for gangrene
  • High Blood sugar causes lot of health conditions. But people with Diabetes do not consume sugar. So it is wise to say that lack of sugar intake causes those health conditions rather then the other way.

Things that should have been answered long back

  • Diabetics have poor digestion and metabolism. They consume less sugar, then why they keep reporting high blood sugar. From where they are getting this excess sugar. (To my mind the excess sugar can come from cells of tissues. That is the reason for burn out of tissues of foot and other skin related issues.)
  • The sugar that comes from cells cannot be absorbed by insulin produced by human body otherwise it will not serve the purpose.
  • The sugar that comes from cells as a defensive system is marked as coming from cells and is not usable by insulin produced by human body.
  • Why Diabetics urinate more often?
  • Do the diabetics urinate larger volumes of urine then normal people? I do not think so.
  • Why Diabetics are low on stamina? When they have more sugars to burn they should have more stamina than a normal person.
  • Why Diabetics need to eat more often? Do they overeat?
  • Does overeating results in high metabolic rate in Diabetics?
  • If overeating in Diabetics does not result in higher metabolic rates, then it must result in high inflammation rates.
  • Does drinking high amounts of water increase the metabolic rate? If not then why restricting the water intake could not be a possible solution to Diabetes?

Some Known Things

  • If an organ of the body is not used for a long period of time, the performance of that organ comes down. Example – after bone fracture and cast for 6 weeks.
  • Diabetics do not consume enough sugar but their blood sugar remains high.
  • One can easily conclude that this excess blood sugar comes from cells of the body.
  • It is easy to come to above conclusion – diabetics are thirsty and hungry most of the time. They are weak and easily tire out.
  • Diabetics urinate often. Removing waste from the body as often as possible.


  • Increase the concentration of blood sugar without increasing sugar intake. That is done by alternating between high water intake and no water intake.
  • No water intake days will increase in sugar concentration and hence aid in repair functions of the body.
  • Water intake days will help in removing the waste generated by higher sugar concentration in previous days.
  • Slowly increasing sugar intake. Take 1/4 spoon of sugar every hour for 15 days.
  • After 15 days increase the sugar intake to 1/2 spoon every 2 hours for next 15 days. The amount of sugar will remain same but high intake of sugar stimulate natural insulin production so that should help.
  • In no case soft drinks spiked with very high sugar should be taken.
  • Sweet fruits should not be consumed except in very small portions giving about the same amount of sugar as 1/2 spoon to 1 spoon in every hour.
  • In 2-3 months the body would have learn to manage blood sugar levels.


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