Diabetes Cause

Consider the following


The above link discusses – how pancreas works to control our blood sugar.

Pancreas releases insulin to provide steady flow of glucose to the cells. Insulin is not meant to remove the excess sugar from the blood permanently. Insulin simply helps to stores the sugar temporarily when there is a surge of blood sugar.

Another chemical from pancreas, glucagon is released when the blood sugar falls below a particular level.

Insulin is not used in the blood to remove the excess blood sugar permanently.

The main job of insulin is to provide steady flow of sugar to the cells.

Our body has a control mechanism which is called inflammation. Whenever there is excess supply of a mineral or other substance the inflammation process causes swelling in related organs involved and cuts off further supply till excess supply is used up. The inflammation resolves on its own most of the time. When the excess supply continues with the blockage caused by swelling / inflammation, there is tissue break down resulting in resolution of the inflammation.

Now it is very important to understand why there is need to maintain the steady flow of glucose to cells. There are 900 trillion cells in human body. These cells burn glucose in the presence of oxygen to produce energy to carry out the life sustaining processes. By the sheer number of cells in human body, one can get a clear idea about the size of the cell. It is very tiny thing. If excess sugar reaches the cells it will burn out of cells. To remove the dead cells from the body inflammation process will start which will essentially involve movement of excess fluid in the area where cell death has taken place. When there is excessive cell death then excess fluid cannot remove the dead cells because adjoining cells will block the way. This will result in cancer tumors.

In the cell/ tissue break down unused glucose will be released which may be removed from the body or may get stuck in blood causing diabetes.


My father (age 80) had gangrene and black nails on foot. Both are caused due to stoppage of blood supply to the area. I started giving ½ spoon of sugar every hour to my father and in 6 months the gangrene and black nail resolved on its own. So it shows that right amount of sugar promotes blood circulation.

My mother (age 80) also had gangrene. She is diabetic and insulin dependent for last 40 years. But after seeing the health status of my father she agreed to start taking ½ spoon of sugar every 2 hours. In about 4 months she stopped using insulin. Her Echo test improved in next 2 and half years from 30% to 35%. No change in Kidney functioning. Or may be the kidney functioning improved but due to discontinuing sugar for more than 1 month it deteriorated again at the time of creatinine test and took to back to the level which was 2 years back. During the last 2 years or so the health status of my mother was perfect with much better quality of life.

By the time I reached the above conclusions, both the parents could not do step no. 2. I believe that all these 3 steps will help in reversing the aging process.

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