Diabetes Cure

A person aged 42 years was diagnosed with High Blood Sugar and High Blood pressure about 25 days back. His figures were –

  • Bp – 150/100 pulse 110
  • Sugar 343 (fasting)

He started going for morning walks, homeopathy medicines and karela ka juice. Nothing happened. His blood pressure and Blood sugar tested on higher side after 10 days.

Then he started following water routine. I purposely asked him to cut out all medicines and evening morning walks, since he does lot of labour otherwise. His is not sedentary life style. He continued going for morning walks.

After 4 days of water routine, his Blood sugar (random) was 153 and 157 on 2 occassions.

He was asked to stop karela ka juice as well as morning walks as well, to single out the reason for improvements.

  • On 4th March 2015 his Blood sugar was 117 (random). Bp- 136/87 and pulse 66.
  • Today on 8th march his blood sugar was 110 after a meal and eating sweets. His blood pressure and pulse rate were also ok. He was much relaxed and comfortable.

I will follow up with him for another 3-4 months and report back any adverse findings here.

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