Eczema and Heart Diseases

Eczema and Heart Diseases

Eczema and Heart Diseases

The latest study says that eczema does not mean high risk of cardiovascular diseases.

However I helped more than 10 persons get cured of eczema by reducing their water intake.

High water intake and excess water retention is linked to high blood sugar, high BP and higher risk for heart diseases, kidney failure and stroke.

It is really difficult to believe any health study and their recommendation.

There are no details of the study and data in raw form being available for a different interpretation. There should be complete ban on publishing of incomplete studies and recommendations.

There are other parameters of heart health and brain health that could have been looked into. But that was not to be.

My recommendation to every one with any skin condition is as follows –

Point 1

Day 1 – Drink 150 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Moderate meals (20% less than average meal on any other day). No other liquids.

Day 2,3,4 – Drink 150 ml water 1 hour before every meal. Total water intake 450 ml. Moderate meals.

Repeat the above 4-5 times.

Point 2

Walk for 5 minutes after getting up in the morning at easy pace within house.

After walking go back to bed and rest for 15 minutes

Repeat the above 2-3 times in the morning and 2-3 times in the night before sleeping.

For an explanation of – how the above 2 points help in recovery from any disease read here

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