Erectile dysfunction Cause and Cure

Erectile dysfunction Cause and Cure

Erectile dysfunction Cause and Cure

Erectile dysfunction is caused due to low blood volume.

Low blood volume is caused in diabetes, hypertension (high BP), heart disease and thyroid disease. Low blood volume is also caused due to some medicines of BP and other conditions. You can always judge whether taking any medicine in your life is good or bad. I have not taken any medicine for last 15 years. No vitamins, no special diet, no supplements of any type, no herbs. I eat outside, I eat junk, I eat high carbs everything that is good or bad. I simply do not care. I just follow my walk and rest routines and hydration dehydration cycles. I keep updating my walk and rest routines  and hydration dehydration cycles every 3 months.

Unless the underlying cause of low blood volume is addressed none of the diseases can be cured.

To understand the cause and mechanism of low blood volume – read at my answer on Quora –

If you are able to understand the above cause, then it will be lot easy for you to understand the cause of diabetes, BP, heart disease and thyroid.

The 70% of the total body weight is fluid.

Total fluid is divided into following 3  compartments.

  • Blood – 10% of total body weight.
  • Fluid in cells – 65%
  • Fluid between space between the cells – 25%

When we drink excess water and other fluids the fluid in cells start increasing. With increase in cell fluids the minerals and other nutrients in cells starts going down in concentration.

With this the metabolic rate start going down. When the metabolic rate starts going down it starts a vicious negative cycle. We gain weight. Fluid starts building up.

To understand the above concept better read my answer at quora –

Also read some other answers at Quora on Diabetes.

When there is shortage of glucose and other nutrients and minerals in cells they start going up in the blood. So far they get delivered in cells there will not be any problem.

But when on daily basis we drink more water and cells are flooded with more fluids, and there is regular demand on blood to supply minerals to cells the blood volume start going down. For this remember the calculations shown in –

When blood volume becomes chronically low 100s of diseases start. And the best part is that all can be cured and aging can also be reversed by following the principles of hydration dehydration and walk and rest routines.


There can be no cure of ED without following the above path. Whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes, BP and heart problem or not. You still will have low blood volume. So if you start now, you can avoid all those problems.

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