Feedback from Diabetes Patients

Feedback from Diabetes Patients

Feedback from Diabetes Patients

I got very encouraging feedback on drinking water with meals only to cure diabetes in last 3-6 months.

The main feedback of the people is –

That restricting water and other fluid intake to 1 glass of water with each meal for 5 days lowers the blood sugar levels to near normal levels.

However after 20 to 30 days the random blood sugar starts increasing. I did not get very clear feedback on status of fasting sugar. I believe that in due course of time even the fasting sugar will go up.

I made few assumptions on the reasons for increase in random blood sugar after initial good results and the solution to that. After carefully considering various options and assumptions the following seems to be highly probable.

Our body does not use up insulin released in blood by pancreas. Insulin is re-routed back to pancreas after it delivers the glucose to cells.

Changing the water drinking habits changes the flow of insulin to limbs to cells for first 15 days or so. However later all the insulin gets stuck in cells and does not reach the pancreas. Insulin may not be getting back to pancreas to maintain the metabolic waste consisting of glucose waste. Hydration may clear the insulin waste and make the insulin free to move back to pancreas.

To reverse this condition, my suggestion is to drink 200×12 (200 ml water every hour) for next 7 to 10 days after one experiences increase in blood sugar levels.

Hopefully the results will come in about 15 days time and I will update the same.

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