Dengue, Swine Flu and Fever

One year back my brother’s children were tested positive for dengue. During that period I got fever and severe head ache. 

I came back home and lied on bed. The fever reading for 102.6 for next 12 hours. I stopped fluid intake of any type. I did not take any medicine. After 12 hours my fever and head ache started fading. By the time the fever completed 24 hours, I was back to normal.

Next day my son also got fever. He was also advised the same and was cured of fever within 24 hours.

Reasons, Cure and  Logic

The symptoms of Dengue are – fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash that is similar to measles. There is pain behind eyes as well. Pain behind eyes and fever is common to sinus.

5 years back when I was suffering from acute sinus, I found the cure.

I gave up all fluids for 48 hours and got rid of all seasonal ailments, sinus, flu etc.

The logic for sinus –

sinus is result of bacteria (infection), causes inflammation and swelling.

swelling is controlled when body fluids are reduced by 25% in 24 hours. Swelling causes inflammation to disappear.When there is no swelling and inflammation, infection is also cured.

As per pure science, fever (increase in body temperature) is caused when antibodies present in the body kills the bacteria. The outer shell of the bacteria is toxic. When the outer shell of the bacteria is released in blood, the toxic levels of the blood goes up. To get rid of those excessive toxics the immune system of the body increases the temperature. In high temperature the growth of the bacteria is reduced.

Due to reduced fluids in the body, the blood acid levels increase. The increased blood acid kills the bacteria at a faster pace.

But there is a need to exercise caution here. In case of people with high level of dehydration, the body enters into defence mode and the above things are reversed.

After a threshold limit, the body starts building excessive fluids by draining the cells and the fluid present outside arteries and capillaries.

So in case of a person drinking less then 3-4 glasses of water in 24 hours, the increase in fluid intake may work in opposite direction. The same may happen in case of people drinking lot of tea and other caffeine products.

Dengue Logic –

Dengue outbreak is there during season change. Why???

During change of temperature, the body changes the amount of water that is carried in the cells. However due to unmindful consumption of tea etc and use of air conditioning and heaters, this change of water carried in cells is not carried out properly.

So the nature has tried to create a defence system. The mosquitoes. The mosquitoes bite cause skin rash. That causes the cells to loose lot of water. But that water is still trapped inside the arteries. 

The perfect cure of dengue is – slow and gradual dehydration. But the only catch is that in case of dehydrated persons, the reduction in fluid intake may cause the build up of excessive fluids in the arteries

Water is both a diuretics and water retaining agent. One needs to understand when water will work as dehydrating agent and when it will work as diuretic.

As a thumb rule, if a rich man gets dengue he should give up fluids for 24 hours and eat other things as a normal person would eat.

In case of labour class person who does lot of physical labour and he usually has low water intake, there should be 6-8 glasses of water given in doses of 100 ml every 30-45 minutes.

In no case the above cure should take more than 24 hours to cure. So as soon as the fever sets in, one can try this cure as first 24 hours are not critical in any case.

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