Heart Attack Cause prevention treatment

Heart Attack Cause prevention treatment

Heart Attack Cause prevention treatment

Heart attack cause has been explained in Hindi voice and English titles in the video below.

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These days people are advised to start taking blood thinners after the age of 40. About 3-4 years back the USA health department cautioned people that taking blood thinners as preventive measure has serious side effects.

Blood thinners cause internal bleeding. Ayurveda and alternative medicine systems suggest garlic and other home remedies. I would like to add here that whether you take allopathy medicines or garlic and other home remedies, the side effect will be same.

But nobody speaks out openly.

Allopaths did not say that garlic and other home remedies will also cause internal bleeding. Because any discussion on internal bleeding will caution the patients and they will think 100 times before taking any blood thinners in any form.

So allopaths kept quite. They decided not to wash dirty linen in public.

The question that should be asked is – What causes the blood to become thicker. Believe me it is not diet or oils or any other thing that you eat. It is caused due to drinking too much of fluid.

If you watch the above video 2-3 times, it will become crystal clear that drinking water on empty stomach causes blood to become thicker. To make blood thin without any medicines and home remedies, drink water as suggested below:

Day 1 – Drink 100 to 250 ml water with each meal. Keep sipping water through your meal. If your meal size is small drink 100 ml only. But it is suggested to keep changing water intake from 100 to 250. See for yourself what suits you best.

Do not drink any water or other fluids like tea, coffee, nimboo paani etc. except with the meal as stated above.

In case you feel thirsty drink 1 small sip of water.

Day 2 – Drink water as suggested above with the meal.

Besides drinking water with the meals drink 200 ml water every 1 hour.

Day 3 to 7 – Drink water as suggested for day 1.

Day 8 – Drink water as suggested for day 2.

Day 9 to 15 – Drink water as suggested for day 1.

Besides changing water drinking habits as above do walk and rest routines also.

Stop long walks or any other form of exercise.

Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace after getting up in the morning. Do walking in your home if possible.

Rest in bed for 5 minutes after walking.

Repeat this walk and rest for 1 hour in the morning and before sleeping. You should also walk for 5 minutes every hour during rest of the day as well.

Walk and rest will improve the energy levels.

Share this video with all the people you know specially children who are good in mathematics. They will be able to explain the process of thickening of the blood in a clear manner.

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No body will suffer from a heart attack if the steps given on my web site relating to walk and rest routines and hydration dehydration cycles are followed.

There is no need of any garlic or any other type of blood thinner. Remember there is nothing called as home remedies. These are all versions of allopathy medicines in different packing.

Heart treatments are very expensive. Over the last 50 years misinformation has been spread by pharma companies to increase the number of heart attacks.

If some one stops taking blood thinners the person will feel extremely thirsty. If he starts drinking lot of water, he will have a heart attack. The heart attack will not be due to stopping the blood thinners but because of drinking too much water due to thirst.

The fastest way to reduce thirst is to drink water with the meals. Drink 70 ml water for each roti that a person eats. A person who eats 3-4 rotis should drink 210 to 280 ml water with each meal. One should sip water along with the meal instead of drinking all the water in one go.

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