Inflammation, Cancer and AIDS

Whole world will die of cancer and AIDS if people do not start looking at inflammation from my perspective.

But nothing to worry about. There is lot of time for people out there to form an opinion.

30-40 years back it was claimed that calcium and vitamin D3 is good for bones. But results after 40 years show that people have poor bones now they they had 4- years back. The predictions for next 20 years are scary.

Same is true with every other supplement and mineral being introduced. The only difference now is that the results are out much faster.

Omega 3 and 6 have been thrown down the drain in less then 5 years now.

Recommended Daily Allowances and Inflammation process is to blame for every thing. The way the world looks at inflammation is wrong.

RDAs are fixed in most unscientific basis. People take money from pharmaceuticals and would not mind forming any RDAs. Soon this money and RDA will kill most of the corrupt.

Inflammation is the process which removes the excess of minerals, vitamins from the body.

Inflammation process is very dangerous process in that – Inflammation not only removes excesses from the body. Inflammation causes the body to shut down to anything that is in excess in the body.

The moment calcium deposits go beyond the demands of the body, it stops absorbing any calcium at all. RDA will then kill the people.

Same is true with sugar and salt. There are minimum and maximum amounts of every thing that the body needs. When ever the supply in the body breaches these minimum and maximum amounts the availability of these minerals and vitamins to the cells (which carry out the basic metabolic process of the body) becomes zero.

That causes cancer, AIDS and every other conceivable disease on the earth.

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