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I wanted to lose some 10 kg weight for a long time.  I tried lot of things except supplements. Nothing worked. I had been listening since childhood that limiting carbohydrates could do the trick.

Atkin Diet

I started looking at Atkin diet on google. I found a page which said that atkin diet could cause insomnia, depression etc Any way I started experimenting with atkin diet. After few days of limiting sugar, while playing I used to feel that I will black out. My energy levels were too low. In about 6 to 8 months I had gained 5-7 kg extra weight. During this period my friend shared with me his experience. He had blacked out and got himself admitted to a hospital for complete check up. The result of investigations were big zero. I also had a number of days without sleep. I had cervical pains as well. I lost my 100% movement of my neck.

My Sister in Law

Next while having dinner, my sister in law said that she has not been sleeping more than 1 days in about 30 days for past 25 or more years. She was emphatic that she does not sleep even for one minute in those 29 days in a month. I asked her the exact time when she lost her sleep. She said it started when she was in hostal of a sports school. The girls in that age would do anything to get an hour glass figure. Specially when you are surrounded by so many hot and able guys all the time. Sense of competition will make you work out few hours extra. All this depleting all the sugar from the body. This lead to constipation as well.

My Father

My father had sepsis at the age of 80. Doctors gave up on him after 1 month in Hospital. So I drew up my plans. First was to get rid of infections. Second was to provide some energy to his failed organs. Third was to save him from seizures. I knew of Sinus and cold and cough can be cured permanently by restricting fluid intake. My father was extremely constipated. After effects of Sepsis was insomnia. By this time I had accepted that anything above our shoulders is caused due to shortage of sugar. So for insomnia and seizures I decided to give him sugar. I had to stop all the medicines. Since I was feeling that medicines were the main cause of all problems. Next 4 and 1/2 months were a breeze without any medication for my father. Today he has no constipation, seizures, insomnia, pains, fears etc. My father has no depression as well. Earlier he used to complain of lot of depression.


Same logic I applied on people with Schizophrenia. In short term there was immense relief. Combined effect of controlled sugar intake and water intake as suggested on home page gave complete relief.

A study

I read a very authentic study. It said that obesity is caused due to lack of genes that are responsible for digestions carbs. It said that people who have 4 copies of that gene are 9 times more likely to be obese.

Common Sense Approach

If FAT was that easily convertible into sugar there would have been on use of storing the excess sugar into FAT. So I believe that some amount of sugar is needed to start the process of conversion of FAT to glucose. Same goes for proteins. It takes much higher sugar to convert the proteins to glucose. People who eat too much carbs and are very active are very thin. I am not qualified scientist. So I usually drive clear of big and difficult names.

Common Sense Approach for Readers

I am not asking for money. I am not compelling anyone to follow my experiences. There is no direct reason for fooling around. Yes I am interested in learning more from the experiences of other people so that I can live healthy till I die. I do plan to earn from google adsense but that is too small thing. And people who are really interested to know more will never click on the advertisements on my pages. So far last 9 days I got USD 1 to my account.

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