Link between cold and cough and Irregular Periods

Link between cold and cough and Irregular Periods

Link between cold and cough and Irregular Periods

discussions with the patients it appeared that most of the diseases are part of the metabolic syndrome.

Acidity is mainly due to low metabolic rate caused due to drinking excess fluids. There are more than 250 videos proving this point on my youtube channel.

Today I got a call from a girl who first time called in September 2019 for help regarding her acidity. She said that she has got 90% relief from acidity by doing hydration dehydration cycles and that she could not do walk and rest routines due to paucity of time. Walk and rest is very important for complete and permanent cure of acidity.

However during the call I remembered that most of the acidity patients also had irregular periods. When I requested her to share information about this aspect, she said that when she called in September 2019 she was missing her periods for almost one month.

There are other symptoms as well. Persistent cold and cough. Sneezing every day in the morning.

She said that hydration dehydration cycles helped regulate her periods as well. She is also relieved of her cough and cough. Also that she has complete relief from sneezing as well.

Click here for complete conversation with the patient

I am currently not charging the patients for help on mobile. You can call me on +91-9971730965. In case I cannot take the call for any reason I will call back. Give whatsapp message as well about your condition.

Following hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines females have reported relief from pain during periods, exact 28 days period cycle and better flow.

Irregular periods and pain increases the risk of various cancers in females. Do not depend on pain killers.

Open discussions about health will help all the women in the world. Currently nobody is talking about these and alll women chose to suffer in silence.

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