Lower High Blood Pressure in 10 Days

Lower High Blood Pressure in 10 Days

Young man with Celiac disease aged 29 years.

His highest Blood pressure readings were 145/95 with pulse 100.


First day – 3 to 4 litres of water with 45 to 60 minutes of gap divided in equal parts.

Second day – No water or other liquids for 24-36 hours.

In 8 days the blood pressure was 122/78 with pulse of 85.

In next few days I expect the blood pressure to drop further. The reasons are pretty simple. They are as mentioned in Sepsis section of this website.

Keep coming back. Celiac disease will be over in less then 1 month.

Today after 10 days the BP and Pulse Rate were – 110/70 pulse – 84

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  1. Hey Rajinder Singh Bhalla, be more explicit and precise , I want to lower my blood pressure… I am 27.
    First day – 3 to 4 litres of water with 45 to 60 minutes of gap divided in equal parts.
    Second day – No water or other liquids for 24-36 hours.
    what about 3 th – 8th?

    so HOW EXACTLY should I do it ?
    (1st,2nd) (1st,2nd) (1st,2nd) (1st,2sn) = 8 consecutive days?

    Pls, post the ULTIMATE and PRECISE steps to lower blood pressure! I want to lower my BP, I hate medications!

    1. I have changed the cure for BP. Now it is much faster and precise.

      Day 1 to 5

      Drink 200 ml water with each meal.
      Drink no other water and liquids.
      Eat normal meals.

      Day 6 and 7

      Drink 1 glass of water with each meal.
      Drink 1 glass of water 2 hours after each meal.

      Repeat for 7 more days if your blood pressure has not become normal.

      1. Hi.

        Please how does water after our blood pressure?
        Because your cure is somehow based on the quantity of water taken.

        1. This answer is copy of answer given for another question. I hope you will get desired information in this answer.

          Lower blood pressure represents the blood volume in your body. Higher blood represents the amount of excess fluid in your cells. Fruits contain lot of fiber. Long term consumption of fruits and vegetables cause inflammation of the small intestines. In the beginning it results in increased absorption of nutrients in small intestines resulting in better energy levels. But as time passes too much fluid is absorbed in small as well as large intestines. That results in high blood volume as well as high cellular fluids.

          Solution would be to eliminate fruits and vegetables completely (raw ones). Do hydration dehydration cycles. Hydration dehydration cycles also helps in balancing of the minerals. The aim of allopathy is also mineral balance. But the way it is done, nobody ever gets the results. Changes in minerals lower the BP for some time. But since focus in on permanent medicines for BP, the benefits are lost after few months. Same way the benefits of fruits and vegetables also do not last forever. Following a particular diet (of any type) is bad for health.
          Do walk and rest as well.

          You should be able to see some initial gains of this within 48 hours or so. But thereafter there will be ups and downs.

          It may take upwards of 6 months to get real benefits.

          Please do indicate your average blood pressure numbers for information.

  2. i have high blood pressure,it seems to have come from hysterectomy as previous to that i was fine.i take 2.5mg amoldpine & doc has just recently added 2.5mg ramipril as they are worried.
    is it safe for me to try your method.my bp readings range from 160/97 to 152/95.i hate being on medication.

    1. Are your blood pressure readings with the medicines or before medicines. If these readings are without medicines than it may be safe to stop medicines and follow hydration dehydration and walk and rest routines. You can get in touch on whatsapp no +91-9971730965 for discussion.

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