Metabolic syndrome – Tea – Blood Pressure – Blood Sugar

Metabolic syndrome – Tea – Blood Pressure – Blood Sugar

When I was studying in 12 some one told me that eating less and eta helps in improving the memory. Since I wanted to top the Examinations I started eating just enough to live. During 12th Class I started drinking 6 to 8 cups of strong tea or coffee during the day. Before my 12th class I was not a fan of tea. I hardly used to drink tea.

After my exams were over in March I stopped drinking tea. For next 1 month I was just sleaping. I was as if I have been drugged.

But the thing which I realised today was there was no head ache in the begining. I do not remember if there was head ache later when the withdrawal effects of tea were completely gone.

Later when I was around 40 I was drinking 3-4 cups of tea most of the days. But if I would drink any less tea or will stop drinking tea there were no extreme withdrawal symptoms of tea.

For last 5-6 years I am not drinking tea. But every 2-3 months I used to drink few cups of tea just to understand how tea works.

As I became more independent of tea, I came to realise that the withdrawal symptoms of tea were extreme difficult and unmanageable. For last 2 years now if I drink even 1/2 cup of tea that can keep me awake during the night.

The most important aspect is that if after drinking 1/2 or 1 cup of tea I stop drinking tea the next day I will have unmanageable head aches. I always wondered why it was so severe pain. Today there seems to be some explanation for that pain.

Tea diverts the total energy available in the body. The use of tea from the internal organs shifts to external activities. So if a person drinks tea once in a while this total energy shifts from internal organs to external activities.

A person who is habitual of drinking tea, this internal organs learn to work at much lower energy levels and hence cause metabolic syndrome. So if he stops drinking tea he will not experience extreme pain and discomfort. The reason is that his internal organs are used to working at very low energy. So when he stops drinking tea the energy does not shift to internal organs within 24 hours. It takes very long time for the internal organs to come back to full energy levels.

The pain happens when there is sudden shifting of the energy towards vital organs. The vital organs start working at a much higher energy levels. How exactly that happens may be some one who is reading this can help.

I will try to build up further from experiences that friends may share with me in coming days.

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