Milk Causes Inflammation and Diseases

Inflammation is the Cause of all diseases on this earth. There are certain foods that promote inflammation in our body. Even aging is the result of inflammation. For more information about what is inflammation click on –

If you look for the food that cause inflammation – milk and diary products are on top of the list. The reason seems to be the raging controversy about the disadvantages concerning milk. It is understood in scientific circles that 95% of the Asian population stops digesting milk after the age of 5 0r 6. So upto the age of 5 or 6 milk does not cause inflammation unless consumed in very high proportions. After the age of 5 or 6 milk and diary products will cause inflammation.

Other top listers include wheat or gluten found in wheat. In certain societies wheat is consumed on daily basis without any break. Whenever a tasty dish is made, wheat consumption goes in over drive mode.

3th category consists of Sugar. Usually there is over indulgence in sugar since it is not voluminous and does not give the feeling of satiation when consumed in excess. Sugar is one of the most essential elements for mental health. Off course right quantity makes a difference.

4th category consists of oils. Same goes with oils. So there are excesses in consumption. Oils are also very essential for the body. Lack of oils will result in constipation, piles and other diseases.

Fruits is suggested as a food which helps in relieving the inflammation. This can not be further from truth. Fruits contian

To my mind anything which the body can not digest will cause inflammation since the body has to throw it out of the body without digesting or processing it.

I personally do not thing that the real cause of inflammation is any of these products. Omega 3 and Omega 6 were star products 2-3 years back. Now Omega 6 in wrong proportions is supposed to cause inflammation.

None of the above products are bad per say. Avoidance of the above products will result in over indulgence in other some other products after 2-3 years. Then some news will be coolly dropped that these foods are bad for health.

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