Normal Delivery Tips

Normal Delivery Tips

Normal Delivery TipsNormal Delivery Tips

Read the constipation post on this web site. Constipation is caused primarily due to less dehydration.

Walking 10k steps a day will the best thing to ensure normal painless delivery.

And you need not stress about 10k steps.

Do it in 5 minutes or even smaller sessions. Walk for 5 minutes and rest for 1/2 hour. In 16 hours you would have walked 160 minutes.

That is roughly 18000 steps.

This will improve the muscle strength to a level that you cannot think of.

I am sure that you will have pain less delivery with the healthiest and brainiest child.

Whatever other tips are given by your doctors will happen automatically.

  • You will be able to breath deep. No need to practice it or make efforts for that.
  • No will never face constipation in life.
  • No Gestational Diabetes
  • No Bloating. You can drink and eat whatever you like.
  • You will be able to digest all nutrients.
  • No dizziness or any other discomforts.

Make this the happiest period of your life.

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