One plus 6 and samsung galaxy S8

One plus 6 and samsung galaxy S8

One plus 6 and samsung galaxy S8

Both these phones have similar price. But which one should one should buy.

If you want to buy a second hand mobile go far S8.

These days every few months the power of the processor increases dramatically. Buying a product that was released 1 year back it worse then buying a second hand mobile.

Second hand S8 would come much cheaper. If you must buy Samsung Galaxy S8 because of brand value, You will get a second hand at less than 1/4 of the price of new one these days.

I am not kidding or making a fun. Buying second hand mobile is no way a bad idea. You get a super phone for pea nuts.

Iphone 6 would be a winner hands down.

I would personally like to go for Mi 7 or 8. It seems mi has decided to skip Mi 7 and go for Mi 8 instead of Mi 7.

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